The Best Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

March 30, 2022

Weddings are an important event where you want to look perfect. You choose a fantastic dress, accompany it with makeup that brings out your best features and, of course, find a hairstyle to match. Ensuring that your hairstyle or updo looks flawless on that special day requires a lot of attention, preparation, and pampering (and, in some cases, a touch of color). This is especially true of long hair. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best wedding hairstyles for transforming long hair into something straight out of your client’s dream.



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Wedding Updos for Long Hair

Updos are (rightfully) associated with elegance and sophistication. And that’s why, from the most classic to the most modern, they are always a popular choice for weddings.

Ballerina bun: You can’t go wrong with a simple bun at the back of the head—since this look never goes out of fashion. Prepare the hair with Style Masters™ Double or Nothing Lissaver™ to make it easy to comb and leave hair looking sleek and shiny. Then, put the hair into a ponytail and twist it around its base to form a bun. Secure with a hair band and the help of bobby pins. 

Side swept updo: Sweeping hair to the side is a great way to add a touch of coolness to an updo. Pull the hair into a ponytail on the preferred side of the neck. Then, with the help of bobby pins, gather the ponytail and create a beautiful messy bun. Finish the style with Style Masters™ Must-Haves GLAMOURAMA™ to give it a mind-blowing shine (and a lightweight hold).



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Half Updo Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Half updos are always an elegant and stylish option, as they leave long hair visible but also give it an air of sophistication. Since the majority of styles are either entirely “up” or “down,” a special day (such as a wedding) is the perfect occasion for combining both styles.

Half updo with volume at the crown: This style features waves all over, which gives the hair cascading down lots of movement. Once waves are in place, tease the base of the crown to create as much volume as possible. Next, gather the sides, joining them at the nape of the neck. Loosen a couple of strands at the front and add some flowers in the back for a bohemian touch. 

Half updo with headband: Place a headband in the middle of the hair and, with the help of bobby pins, twist small strands of hair around it. This will ensure hair looks radiant and appropriately decorated for the occasion.

Revlon Professional Global Ambasador Rafael Bueno creates a wedding hairstyle

*Hair Style by Revlon Professional Global Ambassador Rafael Bueno

Wedding Hairstyles With Long Hair Worn Down

Let no one say that a beautiful bride can’t wear her hair down. With the following ideas, you can confirm that not only do suitable styles exist, but they can sometimes even transcend traditional looks in terms of how much glamour they provide. 

Romantic waves: This is one of the most flattering hairstyles of all time and even more so if we add a touch of personalized color (balayage, ombré hair, etc.). Define waves in the hair with a straightener and shape them afterwards with hairspray. As a special touch, attach pins with rhinestones or floral motifs (depending on the bride’s style) to one side—so chic!

Loose and “natural” with lots of volume: Pair effortless-looking hair with a middle part and a lot (and we mean a lot) of volume at the roots, courtesy of Style Masters™ Volume Elevator Spray™. You’ll create waves but open them up to give a casual feel. And if your client is daring, consider cutting bangs at nose level and sweeping them back for a dramatic look. 

Wet hair: If they’re feeling even bolder, why not try the wet look? It has an unbeatable effect. Comb the hair straight and dry it well, then comb it all the way back. Apply Style Masters™ Creator Defining Gel™ with your fingers, a little at a time, to add shine and give hair a wet-looking finish.



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Long Braided Wedding Hairstyles

Next, we have to talk about the ever-popular braids. They bring sweetness and joy to any wedding look, not to mention plenty of volume and texture.

Side-swept zip braid: This is a classic among braided hairstyles. To create it, first, wet the hair. Then, take a large section of hair at the front, towards one side. Divide this section into three and start a basic braid. Continue the braid by adding hair each time you sweep. When you finish at the base of the nape, secure the ends and hide them with bobby pins beneath the hair.

Fishtail braid: A fishtail braid makes for a sleek look that’s both elegant and classic. It can be achieved by braiding a ponytail or weaving hair at the base of the nape. Depending on the cut of the dress, you can gather the hair in the center or to one side—it’s a wonderfully flexible style. In the salon, this is undoubtedly among the most popular looks requested for weddings.


*Hair Style by Revlon Professional Global Ambassador Rafael Bueno

Long Wedding Hairstyles With a Veil

The devil is in the details, and one of the accessories that perfectly embellishes an updo is a veil. Paired with the right shoes and jewelry, a hairstyle with a veil will make the bride look like royalty.

Ponytail with a veil as a bow: For hot summer days, try gathering the hair in a ponytail and tying the veil into a bow. Strands can be straightened or curled into soft waves. If you opt for the latter, use Style Masters™ Curly Orbital™ to increase definition.

Sleek updo and traditional veil: A traditional veil and a sleek updo will stay in place (and look amazing) throughout the entire event. Create a bun at the back, give it extra hold with Style Masters™ Must-Haves Photo Finisher™, then insert the veil on top. Make sure to have the bride move her head to check that it is securely fastened!



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We hope this inspiration will help you create beautiful and unforgettable wedding hairstyles for long hair. For more hair ideas, don’t miss our article on the best hairstyles for long hair in 2022.


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