Creativity in Imagining Trends and Creating Looks With Fabrice Chesaux

February 9, 2022

As hairdressing professionals, we are always learning and evolving in our cutting, coloring, and styling techniques. But outside of mastering the essentials, we also dream of creating something truly unique that distinguishes us in our field. This way, we can use our creativity to leave a mark in the hairdressing industry that stands the test of time.

Fabrice Chesaux is the perfect example of a professional who has successfully excelled in just this. As one of our very own Revlon Professional ambassadors, Fabrice has gone one step further than most in the fantastic world of endless coloring possibilities. Join us as we explore how he defines creativity and creates his one-of-a-kind modern styles.

Revlon Professional®

Revlon Professional: Hello Fabrice, it’s so nice to have the opportunity to speak with you today. Can you please tell us a little bit about how you started? When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in hairdressing? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

Fabrice: From a young age, I was amazed at how much a haircut and coloring could change a face. When I went to the hairdresser, I always changed my haircut to find a new style. At school, I was able to influence my friends about hair. I also paid a lot of attention to what I wore. It was obvious that I should become a hairdresser.

Revlon Professional: Is there anyone who really inspired you when you first started to “dabble” in coloring and cutting? What trend/look do you believe first defined you as a unique figure in this industry?

Fabrice: During my apprenticeship, I admired the English-language fashion in magazines. They were the “Desiguals” of hairdressing at that time. As soon as I had the opportunity, I went to London to train. I made friends with an artistic director of this Academy who made me dream.

I also follow every publication of @miquelgarciacotado and @ingridk_revlonprofessional because they do an amazing job. They are funny and share values that I relate to. Thanks to social networks, I can get inspiration from other professionals. I’m happy now if I can also share my creations.

Revlon Professional®

Revlon Professional: Would you say that Revlon Professional currently influences your creations? If so, in which ways does it influence them?

Fabrice: Of course Revlon Professional has influenced my designs! This picture is 15 years old or more and it still makes me dream because it is timeless. Revlon is very active, especially on Instagram, with beautiful photos posted daily.

Revlon Professional®

Revlon Professional: We’d love to learn more about your creative process and what creativity means to you. Can you tell us a little bit about your personal process? Does it come to you in the salon when you have the person there, or does it come to you at home while reading or watching a movie, for example?

Fabrice: I am very early. Often in the morning, I do sport at 5:30, then I drink my coffee and go on social media, which sets the tempo for my day. I get a lot of inspiration from people I meet in the street who have a lot of styles. I observe them and think about what they exhale.

At the salon, I observe the client when they arrive; their body language and shoes.  Sometimes they are dressed in classic jeans but have great trainers or “Dr. Martens” that imply a hidden rock side. I can then let my creativity run wild. I also look at the client’s jewelry, whether it’s silver or gold.

I love it when my clients bring me a picture of what they want and create a combination of their own taste and mine. That’s the challenge of our job!

The salon environment is very important. I have a great playlist that keeps me going all day, and a great staff with different styles. I love it! That’s the main thing.

Then my goal is to find an identity for each person. My role as a trainer for apprentices and professionals allows me to have many exchanges and also inspires me.

Revlon Professional®

Revlon Professional: Nowadays, there are endless coloring options and techniques with which we can create our looks. For some people just starting out, this can be overwhelming. Do you have any advice or insights about mixing colors? Are there limits we should not cross?

Fabrice: I like to compare our profession with a cook who uses spices to personalize his dishes. For me, my spices are Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Satinescent, Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Pure Colors Mixing Techniques,” etc. I have created my own color chart with my own mixtures so that customers can identify with them as much as possible.

Revlon Professional®

The arrival of Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Satinescent was a revolution for me with its powdery colors. My eyes had to get used to the new shades.

I love creating a gold color with 7.24 and 0.33, and putting 2g of .7B to create a matte gold. The 77.40 with .523 or 900 Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Pure Colors Mixing Techniques.

The limit that should not be crossed is that of the quality of the hair in order to maintain a healthy texture. You should know how to refuse a service that would damage the structure of the hair.

An additional tip for people who are just starting out is to build confidence through ongoing training and to work with a brand like Revlon, which has excellent technical support.

Revlon Professional: Please tell us a little about your creation for Revlon Professional. What was the inspiration behind it?

Fabrice: My creation for Alexandra was a wonderful experience. I wanted to create a new Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Satinescent fragrance: a “powdery peach.” It’s a surprising color that is difficult to define, on the border between pink and red, and a warm and cold color. For the cut, as I had a daring color, I opted for a soft and sober line.


Revlon Professional®

Revlon Professional: We’re so excited to see what’s next for you! Thinking about the future, can you give us any insights into what you have planned next in your career? Do you have a new “ultimate look” in mind?

Fabrice: My inspiration is an inexhaustible source! Plus, with Revlon Professional, we have all the doors open and nothing is impossible. So, obviously, for this occasion, I wanted to reproduce a total look with a client of the salon, as we all have!

For the rest of my career, I hope to continue to transform and inspire many women. After that, I let myself be carried away by Revlon Professional and their future innovations.

Revlon Professional: Do you happen to have any tips on how other professionals can open their minds and enhance their creativity to think outside of the box? How can we also create trends in hairdressing and fashion? 

Fabrice: My motto: “Dare to be one step ahead!” Continuing education has always been a driving force for me. I often compare our profession to music because it is essential to learn all the basics and then let your creativity explode by proposing daring looks to your clients. You have to be good at all the disciplines and not just some of them.

Revlon Professional: Can you give us any predictions for trends to look out for in 2022? What do you think will be big in the upcoming year?

Fabrice: For 2022, I don’t read in a crystal ball, but when I look at fashion, I see that it is constantly changing and at an exponential rate, thanks to the internet, among other things. Trousers used to be slim and now they’re wide again, waistbands used to be low and now they’re high again. Glasses used to often be very square and now they are rounded.

This can also be translated with the hair. We see a lot of “tie and dye”  and ombré on long hair, for example, that occurs when the hair is dipped in a tint and colored without a smooth transition. And the next day, all it takes is one influential person to bring back totally unstructured cuts, and a new standard is set. As professionals, we have to be able to react very quickly.

For my part, I hypothesize that we will see a return to cuts with deconstructed, less clean lines—similar to what we see with fringed (or fraying) clothes and disconnects accompanied by stronger, more daring colors.

Revlon Professional®

Revlon Professional: Finally, could you share a tip that you see as being the most important part of becoming a better hair professional? 

Fabrice: Always be satisfied with your work, but tell yourself that next time you can do even better. And don’t be afraid to share your experiences and tips with the big hairdressing family. I’ll end with this African proverb: Alone we go faster, together we go further.

Revlon Professional: Thank you so much, Fabrice! It has been a pleasure to meet you and to learn about the creative process of a successful professional such as yourself. We look forward to continuing to enjoy your new creations and amazing looks, and to you sharing more tips with us all in the future that will help us keep growing and improving.

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