Don’t Miss the Front Row Summit and International Hairdressing Awards®

May 5, 2022

We want to bring you and our community together once again! On 15 May, 1,500 Revlon Professional® clients and ambassadors are invited to the Front Row Summit™ in Madrid, the event that will give hairdressers around the world a unique and holistic view of the latest hairdressing news. Be the first to learn about what’s coming in 2023 and experience the future of the professional salon industry in consumer hairstyle trends, fashion, beauty and hair in an exclusive event for the top Revlon Pro Community only. The industry is changing, and hair stylists must keep up with the times and be in the front row of innovation. Because it is crucial to be at the forefront of trends and meet the needs of increasingly demanding clients, the Front Row Summit™ will no doubt help you drive your business successfully into the future.

The International Hairdressing Awards®

A model at a previous edition of the International Hairdressing Awards®

The event will be followed by the International Hairdressing Awards®, the most important awards in the industry worldwide where talent, art and creativity are valued. A spectacular ceremony where the world’s most famous hairdressers will show their hair styling proposals. Once again, the purple carpet will be the runway where the most innovative, creative and trendy hairstyles will be showcased. Discover awe-inspiring hair fashion by the best international hair artists and many more surprises to come. Who will receive the Purple Lady trophy?

What to expect: sharing expertise with the best professional stylists

Information on the Front Row Summit™ brochure

The Front Row Summit™ promises a mix of inspiration, innovation and creativity, with conference talks about the latest hairstyle trends in the salon industry, engaging and interactive sessions and live hair transformation and styling by our global brand ambassadors @manuelmonoficial and @markleeson68. An international hairdressing event where key leaders from the fashion and hair industry will talk about the future of the hair salon, including presentations by Miquel García Cotado and Mario Aragón, our Revlon Professional® Education and Marketing VPs. A cocktail of artistic talent to enjoy international hairdressing at its best and feel part of the greatest community of professional stylists.

The perfect opportunity to grow as a professional stylist

On 15 May, you and 1499 professional hair stylists should stay tuned to the Front Row Summit™, which gives clients the chance to get inspired by the latest trends in the fashion and hair industry alongside the best hair artists. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your voice heard and meet the most famous hairdressers worldwide. Take the opportunity to share and co-create, and discover what’s new and what’s to come. With audience as the focus of the interaction, this will no doubt be an unforgettable event that no professional hair artist should miss and will prove an excellent opportunity to gain the motivation to translate hair trends from the runway into your salon. Stick around for sneak-peaks and highlights of the event!

Make the most of your attendance and enhance your expertise by finding out about haircut styles 2022 and what’s to come in 2023. Join us on our platforms to discover new looks, trends and products, and check #WEAREREVLONPRO to meet the team of Revlon Professional® ambassadors and to share your work and be featured. Don’t forget to keep on learning by visiting our E-learning platform #REVLONPROALWAYSON where our educational content is available 24/7. And if you want to recreate one of the latest haircut styles and are in need of tools and material, go to the REVLONPROSHOP and find an endless choice of hair transformation products.

If you would like to join in, but don’t have a ticket yet, make sure you contact your sales rep, who’ll tell you how to get it so you can discover all the latest hair trends. If you attend the event, don’t forget to share your content on social media using the hashtags #RevlonProfessional and #FrontRowSummit.

Sharing inspiration and giving the best to be the best.

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