Interview with Revlon Professional® Global Ambassador Manuel Mon at Front Row Summit 2022

June 7, 2022

Love for the world of hairdressing can be seen behind every creation by Manuel Mon, Revlon Professional® Global Ambassador. Delicate, exquisite, and dedicated are three of the many words we can use to describe this incredible stylist who, together with Revlon Professional, has grown in creativity and innovation. At the International Hair Awards 2022, the prestigious awards ceremony held on May 16 in Madrid, he presented a series of looks on the catwalk, where thousands of eyes were on every detail of his work. How does he manage to always be at the top of his game and give his best in every show?

On a catwalk full of magic, passion and music, Manuel Mon told us exclusively how he creates looks that transport us into the avant-garde, that emphasize the beauty of the models and play with the new colors of Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™. He also lets us in on a little secret or two, which we’ll tell you about below – don’t miss it!



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The Future of Hairdressing by Manuel Mon

Revlon Professional: Manuel Mon, it’s a pleasure to have you with us! To begin with, a brief introduction: where does your passion for hairdressing come from and how has it evolved and brought you to Front Row 2022?          

Manuel: At 17 years old, I started to become interested in the art world in general. I was a kid who was always touching things, doing things with my hands and experimenting. It was by chance that I started working in hairdressing. I was accompanying a colleague to the hotel where he worked when I saw his wife working in the hairdresser’s and realized “I think I like this hairdressing business better”. Little by little I opened my first salon in a humble apartment and then I entered my first hairdressing competition, the Revlon hairdressing cup, mainly because I just wanted people to see my work, but I won!

 Revlon Professional: How are today’s creations different from others you have made? Do they all have your ‘Mon’ touch?

Manuel: The difference is mainly because of the means, the organization, and everything that comes with working in such a big place. But above all because I am at home in Spain, there are more people who follow me and support me. I feel the warmth of our people more than in other countries where I am admired. Here, as soon as I left, everyone shouted and applauded and that makes it very special. My interest has always been and will always be to look for beauty. The most difficult thing in our profession is for people to instantly know our work and to recognize which stylist created a look. I believe that in my case I have achieved this. I have my own style that is recognized, that follows the same criteria and technique, and that is different from what the rest of my colleagues do.

Revlon Professional: You have won many awards, how do you prepare for the catwalks and/or award shows?

Manuel: First of all, I surround myself with a good team of photographers, stylists, and hairdressing partners with whom I develop the ideas for what I want to do. Although it’s trial and error. Sometimes you start with an idea but you don’t get what you want, and other times it turns out better than you had imagined and actually generates other ideas for new collections. This year we have created four new collections, which will see the light soon. They have the essence of Manuel Mon, but go a step further. As a professional and as a human being, I try to improve myself because I think that is what the profession and my colleagues expect from me.

Revlon Professional® Manuel Mon

Revlon Professional: And the music, do you also choose the accompaniment? Is it important for you that everything is controlled so that every part of the show has your signature touch?

Manuel: Everything is important. When I do a show, I am inspired by music, cinema, and nature. But music is very important because it draws you into what you are seeing. During the Front Row Runway event, there were two looks that were presented for a reason: they went very well with Rosalía’s song, which she made exclusively for the Goya Awards. But for me it was as if she had done it for my runway show. The ruffled dresses… everything has a reason why.

Revlon Professional: Let’s talk about the future. Do you have any creation in ‘gestation’ mode in your head? How do you see the next generations? As a color professional, does Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ live up to your expectations? What did you think of the presentation at Front Row?

Manuel: For professionals, Revlon Professional makes our job easier as hairdressers. I have been working with the company for more than 33 years and I have seen the wonderful evolution it has had over the years and Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ is another example of this. It’s a great product! In terms of color, it meets all expectations and even exceeds them in terms of durability and shine. For hairdressers this is fifty percent of the job.

Revlon Professional: How has a company like Revlon Professional helped you in your creative process?

Manuel: Revlon Professional has always been there for me whenever I have needed it. It has supported me and helped me whenever I asked. I have also been there every time they have called me, so it is like a family. I would emphasize, unlike other brands, they make us feel part of the company. I don’t feel like a number. I am their customer, but also a partner and a human being.

Revlon Professional® Manuel Mon

Revlon Professional: For an event as important as Front Row, where do you find the inspiration for your creations? What are your main references in the hairdressing world?

Manuel: What I tried to transmit at Front Row with my techniques and collections was to do something new. It was important to me that the work was beautiful and pretty. I believe that not everything is valid in the avant-garde, everything has to have a harmony. You have to elevate the model, emphasize her beauty. But in this profession there are, of course, different tastes.

Revlon Professional: You are an inspiration for future generations of hairdressers and hair stylists, so what 3 tips could you give them to inspire them to create and innovate?

Manuel: Oh, it’s very difficult to give advice, but I think consistency is key. Never throw in the towel, because you learn from mistakes and, even if you don’t win or they tell you no, it doesn’t matter. I have entered many contests and I never stop learning or growing. I also think it’s important to be generous and very humble within the profession. Surround yourself with a good team that speaks the same language as you.

Revlon Professional: Lastly, can you describe the Front Row Summit in 3 words?

Manuel: Passion, nerves, and excitement!

Revlon Professional: Manuel, you have a confidence and tranquility that transports us and makes us see a fantastic future in the world of hairdressing. We hope to continue to enjoy your work in the future!

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