COLOR EXCEL GLOSS + MAGNET: Why Gloss and Acidic Technology Are Ideal for Post-Bleach Toning

November 30, 2023

When it comes to achieving that perfect hair color after bleaching (or as we now like to say, pre-lightening), choosing the right toning option is crucial. Enter the dynamic duo of MagnetBlondes technical range™, Color Excel Gloss and acidic technology.

Read on as we explore why this perfect combination is a great choice for professionals who want to offer their clients a comfortable, pre-lightening service with excellent color results. We’ll also explain how it helps reverse damage caused by oxidation and delivers the most glowing shine yet! This duo’s innovative mix of Magnet™ BondIN System™  and Color Excel™ GLOWin System™ technology makes it the unbeatable option for achieving the hair color of your clients’ dreams.

Color Excel Gloss and Magnet by Revlon professional

Repair Damage with Cysteic Acid

First, let’s talk about the magic of gloss. Glossing is a subtle hair coloring and conditioning technique that involves applying a tone-on-tone or semi-permanent colorant to the hair. This enhances its shade and adds a vibrant, glossy finish that also helps seal the cuticle. It’s a fantastic way to refresh existing hair color, add depth, neutralize, and achieve that coveted salon-quality shine.

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After bleaching, hair can sometimes appear overly porous and lackluster. This is where gloss comes into play. It not only imparts rich, beautiful tones but also enhances the overall appearance of the hair. The result is a striking visual transformation that leaves the hair looking healthier, less brassy, and incredibly shiny.

 Acidic Technology

Now, let’s talk about the importance of acidic technology. Unlike alkaline technology, which is commonly used in traditional hair color processes such as bleaching and permanent coloring, acidic technology respects the natural pH balance of your hair. This means it works in harmony with your hair’s natural state, making it an ideal choice after bleaching. When you bleach hair, you’re essentially altering its structure as the alkaline pH swells the hair cuticle allowing for optimal lift and color deposit. This process is necessary to achieve certain results but it can also lead to damage and high porosity. Acidic technology helps to seal the cuticle of the hair, which is crucial for maintaining its health and integrity. 

Color Excel Gloss

Here’s where Color Excel Gloss creamy acidic formula comes into play! Our revamped caring cream is formulated to add up to 4X more shine (vs. bleached hair) and to recover the hair’s natural condition from the first application. Natural hair contains an amino acid called cysteine. When hair is healthy, the amino acid bonds are strongly intact. However, when these bonds break they create a by-product called cystine acid. After using Color Excel patent-pending technology, the cysteic acid contents are neutralized, the hair structure is rebuilt and repaired, and the hair is returned to its natural state.

In addition, the care only our cream can deliver is formulated in a lipid rich cushion that protects hair condition throughout the coloring process. This reinforces the hair’s natural structure and avoids alcohols commonly found in other liquid acidic hair colors that can strip the natural lipid layer, leaving it unprotected. 

This sealing action after bleaching ensures that your client’s hair color is locked in by the GLOWin System™ technology that primes the hair for uniform color deposit, excellent pigment retention, and optimal light reflection. It also deposits highly reflective pigments 1,000 times smaller than the hair fiber for optimal pigment diffusion within the hair structure to create a glow-from-within effect. It then seals the surface-smoothing finishers to help align the hair cuticle for maximum light reflection, locking in color and care! You can expect color to not only last longer and glow more but also prevent external aggressors from causing further damage. All this in only a 10 minutes processing time!

Revlonissimo Color Excel

Achieve Your Dream Hair Color with Gloss + Acidic Technology

If you’re looking to achieve the hair color of your client’s dreams, it’s time to embrace the power of Magnet™, your end-to-end 360° solution for chemically treated hair. After, you can finish with Color Excel Gloss acidic high-performance technology for 2X less breakage (vs. leading liquid technology), 4X more shine, and 6X smoother hair. Whether you want to neutralize unwanted tones, refresh your client’s natural color, beautify grays, or create a bold look with a new shade, this dynamic duo has got you covered.

Color Excel from Revlon

Experience the difference for yourself and revel in hair that not only looks incredible but also feels healthy and strong. Say goodbye to post-bleaching worries and hello to the unbeatable combination of COLOR EXCEL GLOSS + MAGNET.

To get started on your hair toning journey, explore our range of gloss treatments and discover the magic of acidic technology by heading to our Revlon ProShop, where you can purchase your own stock directly. This is for salon professionals only, so leave you details on our contact page to get access. After joining, you will also have access to our 24/7 #AlwaysOn educational platform where you can learn from our pros and get tips on how to further elevate your clients’ hair color and take your business to new heights! 


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