Our new Fluid Collection is inspired by the Generation Z. They seek realism, authenticity and transparency. They are fully aware of the value of one’s image and they work harder than anyone on their own personal brand.

When they receive a service, they expect professionalism that’s why we, as hairdressers, must embrace diversity and inclusivity as part of our values. This customer profile is creative, committed and open to experimenting with their personal image. They are a dream come true for hairdressers, so all we have to do is go with the flow…


Because you are what makes us Revlon Professional. Come meet the community and find out how to be featured!

GEMS/TONES shades from Color Excel + Color Excel Gloss offer a new spectrum of shine! 💟
This fall and winter, keep your blondes looking bright and lively with a lavish and futuristic palette!✨
Introducing #FluidCollection ✨ Our new collection is inspired by today's generation ➡️ GEN Z embraces new codes that have no boundaries, where boldness is part of the course and diversity celebrates and enhances uniqueness.
Discover our Color Excel + Color Excel Gloss GEMS/TONES Collection!
A smooth slick-back style creates the perfect base for this glowing #BronziteBalayage color. ✨
Color Excel & Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ introduce GEMS/TONES ➡️ A new collection inspired by gemstones, where SHINE is the new color!
Are you ready to discover #AmethystShadowRoots? 💟
@blue_by_raquelsaiz @blue_by_raquelsaiz Enjoy DELICATE, the latest collection by @blue_by_raquelsaiz!


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