Our new Fluid Collection is inspired by the Generation Z. They seek realism, authenticity and transparency. They are fully aware of the value of one’s image and they work harder than anyone on their own personal brand.

When they receive a service, they expect professionalism that’s why we, as hairdressers, must embrace diversity and inclusivity as part of our values. This customer profile is creative, committed and open to experimenting with their personal image. They are a dream come true for hairdressers, so all we have to do is go with the flow…


Because you are what makes us Revlon Professional. Come meet the community and find out how to be featured!

@syem_hairdesigners @syem_hairdesigners This stunning warm look by @syem_hairdesigners is so glossy 😍
Did you know that the RE/START™ Curls range is compatible with the #CurlyGirlMethod 😍
@blue_by_raquelsaiz @blue_by_raquelsaiz @blue_by_raquelsaiz is our creator of the month! 😍
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Style Masters™ Modular Mousse™ is ideal for all hair types in need of volume, hold and texturizing hair treatment​.🤩
Looking for a solution for scalp dandruff? 🙋
@sarapiera.bycv from @saloncarlosvaliente is our creator of the month! 😍
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Discover our cutting-edge knowledge platform. With you and your business in mind, the Revlon Professional educational offering will allow you to explore new territories and maximize your talent with a precise dose of creativity for your everyday requirements.

Come check out our tutorials and courses and contribute to your artistic and business development.


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