Treat Hair Loss Due to Seasonal Change with Eksperience

March 29, 2022

Take a glance at our Eksperience™ hair fall packs which offer extraordinary results through science and nature. This is the range you had been waiting for to treat your clients’ hair loss and lack of volume. Given that every customer has its own necessities and concerns, we created a variety of in-salon Eksperience™ Anti-hair Loss Packs for you to select and recommend the one that best meets their hair demands. As we know, a powerful in-salon treatment can do wonders, but it is vital to emphasize the importance to continue with the most suitable at-home hair care routine using the Eksperience™ range.

Treat Temporary Hair Fall with Eksperience™

Revlon Professional®

A new season is a synonym of change and a fresh start although, when it comes to hair, the seasonal change could also mean hair loss. Obtain superior haircare results during these times of the year with our Eksperience™ Temporary Anti-hair Loss pack. This pack contains highly effective formulas that nourish the hair and scalp. Our top seasonal anti-hair loss product selection includes the Eksperience™ Anti-hair Loss Revitalizing Hair Cleanser, ideal for cleansing, hydrating and strengthening. Is your client asking for a product that is ideal for fine hair? Then, the Eksperience™ Anti-hair Loss Revitalizing Tonic is a must. Offer your clients personalized hair loss treatments that will become their ultimate allies every spring and autumn.

Discover the Eksperience™ Packs for Persistent Hair Loss

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There are many options in the market to treat persistent hair loss, but we are sure that EKSPERIENCE™ for Persistent Hair Loss will become your clients´ favorite. It is an exclusive and one of a kind thalassotherapy hair ritual with a formula that includes all the properties of seawater and other marine ingredients that together, treat this condition efficiently. One of the most important steps when taking care of fragile hair that has lost its vitality is the cleansing process. However, another key professional hair product to help strengthen and moisturize the scalp is our EKSPERIENCE™ Anti-hair Loss SOS Scalp Revitalizing Lotion; it increases hair density in only 2 months and up to 40% reduction in hair loss when washing*. Become an Ekspert on the most suitable products to treat your clients’ hair loss.

Boost Hair Vitality with Eksperience™ Densi Pro

Revlon Professional®

It is no surprise that hair becomes thin and dry throughout the years and on top of it, the scalp is more sensitive and easily irritated. Fortunately, our Eksperience™ Densi Pro package is all you need to win the battle. This exclusive range contains specific algae ingredients and our unique Aquamaris Complex to make the hair products as effective as they can be. Elevate your salon´s services with our Eksperience™ Densifying Hair Cleanser, it is formulated to offer  volume and is ideal for fragile and thinning hair. If what your client’s hair needs is vitality, the Eksperience™ Densi Pro SOS Hair Thickening Lotion is the solution for instant added hair volume thanks to its exclusive antioxidant ingredients.

Do not wait any longer and revitalize your clients’ hair through a multisensory Eksperience™ at the salon that can also be prolonged at home with our Eksperience™ Anti-hair loss and Densi Pro products available at #REVLONPROSHOP. Visit our E-learning platform #REVLONPROALWAYSON and learn more about the most suitable product combination for your clients to effectively treat their hair loss at home.

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