How to Help Damaged Hair with Restart Pro-Care System Salon Exclusive Treatments

June 16, 2023

Introducing the Pro-Care System for Damaged Hair

It’s time to bring back healthy-looking hair! Revlon Professional® invites you to discover a salon-exclusive professional range that brings back the quality and beauty of healthy-looking hair in just 5 minutes!  Are you and your clients ready for high-precision treatments that deliver instant hair transformation? Then let us introduce you to the brand new RE/START™ Pro-Care System.

3 shots to improve your clients’ hair

We worked closely with scientists and our hair pro’s to ensure that we offer the most innovative products to meet each and every hair need. So, if you’re wondering how to help damaged hair adding  volume and density or make it shine, for example, the Restart™ Pro-Care System hair treatments can be a great solution. They allow you to continue to say YES to those beautiful blondes and vibrant colors while also retaining and improving the hair’s integrity and shine!

Powered by skin-care-inspired Lamellar Technology, the new RE/START™ PRO-CARE SYSTEM formulas, act as a GPS. The formulas localize hair areas in need of deep treatment and deliver highly concentrated ingredients right where the hair needs them, forming a network of organized layers called lamellars that stabilizes and potentializes the performance of the product.

This helps to leave the hair strong, repaired, and extremely healthy looking! All hair types can benefit from the customizable, highly concentrated and ultra caring treatment, especially hair that is colored, fine, or brittle. These issues can be caused by changing weather, heat styling tools, pools, and much more. Here’s how to help damaged hair using the Pro-Care System hair treatments:

  • The Color & Shine Sealer Shot Enhances color vibrancy & Protects color-treated hair against oxidative damage.
  • The Repair Bonding Shot Repairs & Protects against the damages of chemical treatments.
  • The Density Fortifying Shot Adds volume & Fortifies fine and brittle hair.
  • 100% vegan formulas.
  • Formulated with more than 81% natural origin ingredients.

repair damaged hair with Restart Pro-Care Boosters

How to Help Damaged Hair and Where to Find Restart™ Pro-Care System Boosters?

Our products are salon-exclusive! Make sure you order the kit from your salon rep or order directly from our ProShop. The kit consists of 30 single dose satchets and 3 Liquid Care Shots, which will make 30 personalized treatments. The  2-phase system features an innovative Antioxidant Powder Primer that mixes with our ultra-performance Liquid Care Shots to transform into an ultra gliding creamy emulsion that melts for a controlled application and even hair saturation. Bring the beauty of healthy-looking hair back in just 5 minutes! Trust us, you and your clients will love them.

How to choose the right product for your salon service: Pro-Care System, Conditioners, and Masks

It’s always a smart idea to offer different strengths of treatments that can work for each and every hair type and need! But do you know why or when to use the Pro-Care System over a professional hair-care mask or a conditioner?

The simple answer is, if your client has had any technical services or damage from environmental stresses. Pro-Care System, powered by Lamellar Technology,  offers instant targeted results for deep care, without the weight. We recommend applying the Pro-Care System shots, depending on hair needs, up to 2 times a month. If a client is coming more often then 2 times a month, use a mask instead to maintain results. It’s also important to recommend the right at home maintenance to recharge results between salon visits. Also, we have added exclusive super performant ingredients to the Liquid Care Shots to make them ultra effective.

  • Color & Shine Sealer Shot: Chelating Agent, that protects color by trapping metal ions that water and pollution have.
  • Repair Bonding Shot: Phyto Keratin, a vegetable mimetic Keratin that has similar amino‐acids composition than keratin, and that repairs hair from the inside and outside.
  • Density Fortifying Shot: Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, a cocktail of volumizing vegetable amino acids that add body and volume to hair.

If your client is in need of an ultra caring treatment, which only takes 5 minutes, then the salon-exclusive Pro-Care System is the best choice!

It’s time to RETHINK / REINVENT / RE/START™ and boost your business potential with professional products and that will empower your salon and leave your clients looking and feeling amazing! Increase your retail sales by recommending the perfect at-home maintenance routine for your clients to get professional hair results between salon visits. You can get these products at Revlon Pro Shop and continue to get inspired by visiting our 24/7 educational platform, #AlwaysOn. Lastly, don’t forget to check out our helpful tips on how to  recharge damaged hair.


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