5 Short Hair Ideas for Women

June 19, 2023

What better way to kick off spring than with a fresh cut? Even if you love long hair, the urge to get a shorter new do is always higher during the warmer months. In 2023, shorter styles with vivid color combinations are particularly on trend! It’s time to get ready for an influx of clients that may be inspired to try a brand new short hairstyle!

Inspirational Short Haircut Ideas

From buzz cuts to choppy jaw skimming micro bobs, there is a short haircut to suit each and every style and hair texture. The key is to consult your clients to find the perfect look!

We’ve gathered some inspiring short hairstyles to help you get started! It’s alway a good idea to ask your clients to find photos of others with similar face shapes and hair textures to help them find looks that will work well on them, but if you are looking for some pro tips to help you decide on the optimum short hairstyle, we’re sharing those below!


The Microbob

The #microbob offers a rebellious edge when  paired with some dynamic color like this strategic color placement from Revlonissimo Colorsmetique. Try the fuschia 500 shade to be bang on trend, though this shorter hairstyle also looks stunning in different color combinations. This look is recommended for clients that want the feel and look of short hair but without the commitment of going super short.


Graduating or using clippers on the back or sides of a shorter hairstyle can help your clients get used to the dynamic of a very short buzz cut while also keeping some length and style options. This graduated look can be evolved by adding more texture or completely taking the side off with a striking undercut. This particular look has been updated by adding a vibrant green shade! If you would like to recreate it, try the 077 Green shade by Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ Mix from Revlon Professional.

Short Mullet

The short mullet is back! A new, shorter take on this style is the shullet! This shorter version keeps all of the texture and heavy layers of the traditional mullet but without the disconnected wispy base. This cut is cool AF and will give your bolder clients so many options when it comes to styling and color. If you didn’t think this cut could get any better try it with flashes of interesting color such as 400 Orange or C46 Tangerine Red by Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ to really make the haircut pop.


Asymmetric Haircuts

Asymmetric haircuts are gaining popularity thanks to the modern look and versatility of this cut. No matter the hair texture, this fun short haircut can be as bold or subtle as the client wishes and suits all face shapes. This look can be intensified by using the Revlonissimo™ – Revlon Professional 2023 Hair Color of the Year: 8.222 Virtual Mauve Blonde to bring an augmented Hair Color Reality™ to your clients.

Pixie Cut

The Pixie cut has a boyish edge that takes confidence to pull off. This look is powerful and ultra flattering when paired with these playful Nutri Color™ Filters Fashion Filters tones. They can soften or draw attention to the sharper edges of the traditional pixie, which can be worn in a coif for height or down for a completely different style.

The Right Short Haircut for Each Face Shape

The perfect short hairstyle will help frame your client’s face and make the key area’s stand out while complimenting their individual look and style. For the best looks for each face shape, check out our guide, what hairstyle suits me?

Here’s some quick tips to guide you on the most common face shapes:

  • An oval face shape means that you can pull off any short hairstyle, so don’t be shy to recommend those buzz cuts and short pixie haircuts.
  • A round face shape suits height and volume to minimize roundness. A layered haircut with shaping around the cheekbones works perfectly! Try out a shullet for ultimate style points!
  • A heart face shape looks great with some choppy layers and a side fringe. A shorter asymmetric haircut will draw the eye to key points and really showcase the edgy texture.
  • A square face shape has very strong lines so, to balance this, opt for a layered micro bob with plenty of texture and movement in the styling.

Short Haircuts for Women with Thin Hair

Thin hair tends to get a bad rep. Yes it can tangle easily and lack volume but it also has its perks, such as being able to style quickly. When combined with the right style and color combo it can be transformed into a chic new do! A multi-layered textured bob suits this hair type and never goes out of style. We recommend keeping the base sharp and blunt to create fullness at the ends and then create texture by point cutting to add light layering. If you want to add some strategically placed color, try the #highcontrastbalayage technique which will help give fine hair dimension. You can use a pre-lightener such as Magnet™ to help particularly fine and silky hair feel thicker by boosting density.

Short Haircuts for Women with Thick Hair

If you have thick or curly hair, a pixie haircut or undercut is an optimal method of reigning in your tresses. This cute but edgy look can be personalized by cutting the sides as short as you like while keeping the bulk of the length at the top. The bulk can even be textured to bring out movement and reduce weight. Pixie cuts do require more maintenance so inform your clients that they would need to book appointments every 5-8 weeks to keep their shorter hairstyle looking its best! The upside of this is that their hair will be much more manageable within this time period and will look fantastic!


Styling Short Hair: Tips and Tricks for Different Hair Types

Shorter hairstyles really benefit from styling and often this is the most fun part. It’s really important to show your clients how to recreate trendy or textured looks. To do this, you can share these quick pro tips and products so that your clients can get the best from their new looks!

  • Use heat and then cool the hair down with a cold shot of air to produce and retain volume especially at the roots!
  • Use dry shampoo immediately after washing the hair for the ultimate root lift and to keep away any oils that can make the hair flat.
  • Use haircare and styling products with anti-humidity properties to lock your creations in.
  • Rebook your clients before they leave the salon to ensure that their looks can be maintained. Remember, shorter styles need to be refined more often.
  • Offer a complimentary mini styling session to show your clients their styling potential and the best products for their chosen looks.
  • Let’s face it, those super short dos can grow out quite quickly so take a picture as a reminder of the look and ask permission to post it on your socials!
  • Discover the Stylemasters™ range to create infinite hairstyles.

products for crimped hair looks

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