Fun Hair Color Ideas for 2024

November 4, 2023

The best thing about hair color is that it can be subtle or totally transformational, and let’s not forget about every step or shade in between! Revlon Professional® offers a color to meet every need so that you can focus on your client and get your creativity flowing while we link catwalk trends with products to match your inspiration.

Hair Color Trends for 2024: What’s In and What’s Out?

Trends are important but always be mindful that the client’s personal preference comes first. Yes, you may want to experiment with a new trend but if your client is insistent on keeping their chunky highlights or one-tone shades, then don’t be consultation shy. You can utilize the Helix Hair Color Consultation to suggest a new trending shade like our Hair Color of the Year 2023, 8.222 Virtual Mauve Blonde. This color offers triple dimension for more richness, vibrancy, and tone expression.


Chunky highlights had a revival in 2022 but the 2024 version is slightly more subtle at the root which allows for a less obvious regrowth. But after pre-lightening, you can add bold and pastel fashion colors in an array of shades!

To recreate this fun look we recommend getting creative with the Nutri Color™ Filters tones, which can be applied for 3 minutes for a color refresh or up to 15 minutes for more intense colors.

The money piece has also had a revamp with finer sections and darker more contrasting roots. Color melts, Balayage, and bolder sections underneath the parting that blend into the ends are a big trend. Use our #highcontrastbalayage technique through the mids and ends to create flashes of interesting color and intensity that look amazing with highly textured haircuts like the #Mullet or the #MicroBob.

What’s out is flat, lifeless color. Think dimension and make every head of hair dynamic and beautiful! However, natural tones can be just as interesting as the boldest colors. Our pro tip is to add multiple tones to enhance movement and texture to elevate the color service for every single customer!

Choosing the Right Hair Color for Each Skin Tone and Eye Color

What we really love about 2024 is that your everyday client is now up for experimenting with tones that go against ‘normal’ palettes. There are oranges, pinks, purples, and fashion hues that change by the season, like the flora and fauna that were key players for spring have switched to #VioletBrunette for Summer/Autumn. This variety means that there is a color combination to suit each and every skin tone and eye color. Some clients with darker skin tones may once have been advised to steer away from ash blonde tones and instead recommended caramel shades. And fair-skinned clients who may not have tried very dark, cold, brown shades are now wearing high dimensional color such as #VivaMagenta.

We want to encourage stylists to optimize their color choices and never say no to a client’s color vision. It’s time to adapt and personalize! Fun pops of brighter colors can suit any light or darker bases. If your client feels washed out or in need of a boost, then opt for a shade that is one to 3 shades lighter, warmer, or bolder than the base and use this to bring out key features with your chosen color technique!



01. Balayage

What’s changed when it comes to coloring techniques? We all love Balayage but now there’s a twist which not only brings it up to date but also makes it more environmentally friendly. Our pros have switched the focus from just making hair lighter and instead upgraded the technique to focus on dimensional color.


02. Ombre 

If you do wish to lighten the hair or are working with previously colored or darker hair, then we recommend foilayage with Magnet™ for powerful lifting. If your client has natural hair or wishes to opt for a fresh new take on Balayage or ombre, try using the Revlonissimo™ Colorsmetique range color of 2023, 8.222. This intense mauve blonde brings dimension with a triple reflected color. It adds richness, vibrancy, and more tone expression to showcase an augmented iridescence.

03. Color Melt

Color melting is also a big trend for 20243. It’s a really creative way to blend various color tones and shades into one flawless look. This technique is just as fun for your clients as it is for the stylist! Select a few shades that complement or contrast depending on your client’s unique style, and then blend, blend, blend! You can use this technique on ombre, all over the head, or just select a few strands to really make the hair stand out.



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Classic Hair Colors That Will Never Go Out of Style

If you take just one thing away from this article it’s that, while the natural shades palette will always be in fashion, the key to keeping them on trend and making these colors more interesting is to personalize the tones and use various shades throughout the color technique. You are an artist, so be creative! Recommend new techniques and stay bold. We really love to see gray, blonde, copper, red and various shades of brown hair that look vibrant and fresh. We also love to see them paired with vivid, unexpected, and joyful color combinations like the inspiring #BloomingCollection. Just make sure to keep your client’s hair healthy and refreshed. And, depending on the client, consider recommending those interesting and contrasting pops of blues, pinks, greens and fashion hues that give hair added vibrancy!


To keep up with all the latest trends, you can access our educational platform, #AlwaysOn (for clients only). You can sign up by leaving us your contact details and you can shop online for all your favorite products at our Revlon Proshop.


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