Find Out How to Get the Best Autumn Hair Color

December 7, 2022

The perfect time for the best autumn hair color is now! Winter is drawing in quickly and the change of season reflected by the falling leaves and darker evenings has inspired us to share the trending 2022 autumn hair color shades.

Fortunately, you do not need as much pre-planning to achieve these flattering looks as you would if going significantly lighter or cooler.

Read on to discover the best autumn hair colors, which match this season’s shades in nature, and the techniques that can bring lots of business to your salon.

Different Autumn Hair Colors

It is time to embrace the cold weather and really warm up those locks. Our top trending colors are glossy golds, vibrant coppers, rich reds, and warm expensive brunettes.



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The best thing about autumn hair colors is that they bring vibrancy and intense shine to every look and flatter every skin tone. This season’s trend is the warmer the better! However, platinum or cooler toned blondes can get involved too. Book them in for a soft, natural shade using the Sand (.31) shade by Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™. This beige blonde tone adds a slight seasonal change, you could also add a soft warm strawberry blonde which is created by mixing CLEAR (3 parts) + .435 (1 part) both options allow your clients to go back to a cooler blonde in the summer.


For first-time color clients wishing to enhance their natural color, offer a low commitment look with Color Excel by Revlonissimo™. This ammonia-free, tone on tone hair color has a multi-reflective shade to suit every skin tone. For bases 6 and under we recommend that you opt for rich, glossy brunettes like the medium chestnut iridescent brown (4.42). For bases 7 and over, try golden or shimmering coppery gold shades like the very light golden blonde (9.3) or medium golden copper blonde (7.34).

For the more daring clients, you can get inspired with the true-to-tone augmented colors from Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™.  Golds, coppers, and reds are always trending autumn hair colors but 2022’s trends call for less subtle tones and more intense shades that seamlessly blend. This versatile range can meet any professional challenge.

Try out our pro’s top tip of intensifying the shades further by adding Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ lPermant Hair Color Mixers. These long-lasting shades are intermixable with all Revlonissimo Colorsmetique shades to customize any look or used to create flashes of vivid color throughout the hair. We recommend Tangerine Red (C46) and Fire Red (C60) which you can add to our top trending true-to-tone, high-dimensional autumn hair colors, Light Copper Mahogany Blonde (8.45), Intense Copper (66.40), Intense Copper Red (66.64), and Intense Dark Red (55.60)

How to Get Them

The autumn hair color palette looks expensive and professional. The colors come alive with dimension and radiant shine that helps the hair look and feel healthy, which is just what our post-summer hair needs! This is also why the best autumn hair colors are created by you, the professional hair colorist.

We recommend utilizing techniques that look ‘lived in’ and showcasing a darker base to mimic the way the hair would naturally darken during the seasons. Think dimension, strategically placed slices, and balayage to bring out the best features of a haircut. This will help contour and highlight the face. One of the top techniques to work with is balayage with a natural brunette base. If your clients are already rocking those blonde ends, all you need to do is warm up that base with an expensive-looking brown or warmer shade that is preferably one to two shades darker at the roots with the natural base. You can also opt for a reverse balayage technique and stretch down that base tone to achieve dimension with low-lights. For a trending but low commitment shade try Bronzite (.342) by Color Gloss by Revlonissimo™ with Peach (.435) at the ends.

These low-maintenance and relaxed autumn hair color techniques also work with rooty ombres. Again, simply apply a richer, warmer base one or two shades darker than the ends and give a fresh new look to that tired summer blonde. Just use your hands or brush (and of course plenty of product) to ensure that the tones seamlessly blend. Striking coppers, golds, or vibrant reds can be left to fade beautifully or topped up every 4 weeks with a fun pop of creative color.


For clients that are happy to do a little more maintenance and can commit to seeing their favorite stylists every 4 -8 weeks for a sophisticated permanent hair color, the Medium Iridescent Mahogany Brown (4.25) by Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ is a good choice to look chic and expensive. Of course, you can opt to soften the look with a few golden babylights or switch up that high fashion face frame to a different brunette hue to keep the dimensional look trending towards autumn/winter. We love using the light golden blonde shade (8.3) by Color Excel by Revlonissimo™.

The Trend for Late 2022 and Early 2023

Autumn hair colors are trending now and will continue to be in high demand until the Spring of 2023. Get creative with your dimensional coloring techniques and be sure to work with all of the trending autumn tones. For the most flattering autumn hair colors, we recommend that you opt for multiple warm shades in one look, keep those bases darker and customize the hair to work with your client’s natural base, skin tone, and eye color.

As mentioned above, this trend is set to continue into late 2022 and early 2023, so do not hesitate to get all the products for this look at the Revlon Pro Shop. You can also continue researching and discovering all the trends and news from Revlon and keep learning everything that our professionals can offer on our educational platform, #AlwaysOn. Now you have everything you need to create perfect autumn hair color

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