December 7, 2022

Customization is key in today’s world! Creativity and personalization will keep your clients coming back to you over other stylists. The toning world is booming and we want to invite you to enter a world of competitive color technologies that will help you push the limits. This way, you can confidently deliver endless color options that go beyond cold and warm! It’s time to embrace your creativity and have fun! Perhaps your clients would love a trendy new tone, or just some extra shine for the holiday season?

Do you know the best choices to neutralize & tone pre-lightened hair, provide gloss services, or beautify natural grays? It’s time to discover our gentle acid tone-on-tone, Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ palette! With these tips, prepare yourself to be busier than ever but also to work smart. These quick and efficient glossing services will keep you busy making all your clients shimmer. Here are several express services that you can offer in your salon!

Color Excel Gloss Tone on Tone Visual

A Shimmering Palette for Flawless Blondes these Holidays

Make the most of our new, versatile color palette and create multi-dimensional, brighter blondes. The list of opportunities is endless, so what do you want to achieve?

Trendy shades? You can create a low commitment and gentle fantasy color for clients that are open to changing their hair color but perhaps just for the Christmas party. For a temporary change, we have these beautiful shimmering shades that we recommend customizing with CLEAR at a 1:3 ratio to make them softer and pastelized. Alternatively, you can mix them as you please at a 1:1 to 1:3 ratio to achieve your own unique look.

  • .435 Peach – Offer a warm and multi tonal look that can change platinum blonde to a warmer look in just 5-20 mins!
  • .052 Raspberry Pink – This is a sophisticated shade that goes beyond the classic rose.
  • .225 Amethyst – A radiant mahogany-violet for trend-forward color play on bases 9-11.

Neutralizing shades? For clients who like their color but want to adjust the brassiness or remove excessive warmth,  these shimmering shades will achieve this in bases 9+.

  • .02 Anti-yellow – Achieve a pale pearl finish on bases from level 10.
  • .1 Anti-red – Achieve a neutral beige finish on bases from level 9
  • .01 Anti-orange – Achieve a silver finish on bases from level 9
  • .0.12 Diamond – Provides an elegant and clean neutralizing effect for soft white finishes on bases 10-11

Neutralizing Shades Color Excel Gloss

Ultra-neutralizing shades? For clients who require intense neutralization on level 8 bases or to provide a gentle touch of color on lighter bases, you can adjust the intensity of your trendy and ultra-neutralizing shades. Just combine them with CLEAR at a ratio of 1:1 to 1:3 (depending on your creative preference) to create sweet pastel or softer customized results.

  • .11 Silver Ash – Actively neutralizes orange with a cool finish.
  • .22 Intense Iridescent – Actively neutralizes yellow with a hint of pearl finish.

Toning shades? Perhaps your client is after a soft touch of color. If so, these shades will work wonders and achieve the desired results! We recommend that you mix these at a 1:2 ratio and leave them to develop for 5-10 minutes (leave for up to 20 minutes to achieve more depth).

  • 123 Nude Satin – Achieve a titanium finish on bases from level 10 by countering orange/yellow undertones.
  • .31 Sand – Perfectly balances warm and cold reflexes in bases from level 9 to provide an elegant beige result with a golden ash glow.
  • .342 Bronzite – Glowing bronze toner that achieves a warm balance of gold and copper shimmers on bases 7-8.
  • .821 Mushroom – Highly pigmented shade that provides natural cool, earthy tones. Ideal for bases 8-10.

Color Excel by Revlonissimo Toning Shades

Natural Gray Hair?

These days clients are discovering that gray hair is not something to be scared or worried about. In fact, they are embracing it and looking to beautify their natural look. We are also getting clients requesting this trending color, so it’s time to learn how to make it look its best! Go beyond neutralization and toning on pre-lightened bases and offer an exclusive in-salon express service to give uniformity and enhance natural gray with these exclusive shades.

  • .123 Nude Satin – Elegant and clean titanium bronze tone.
  • .11 Silver Ash – Gives a crisp bluish white color.
  • .22 Intense Iridescent – The classic, elegant and pearly tone.
  • .821 Mushroom – Ideal for long hair with oxidized brown ends.

Beautify Grays Online Tutorial

Hair Loving Formula

Thanks to its intense, luscious and creamy texture, this perfect color range meets the needs of the most demanding hair. You can use it at the basin, backbar, or at a styling station with a bottle or bowl and still achieve reliable and excellent uniformity from root to tip while leaving hair silkier than before. The low commitment deposit-only color with no root effect will leave your client’s hair glossy. It gives high luminosity and multi-reflections that they will love!

Get the best gloss from Revlon Professional

Now that you know how to add a glimmering shine to your clients’ looks, get ready for them to start booking these express services with you more often. To stock up on all your Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ shades, you can visit our online store, Revlon Pro Shop. For more educational content and tips, head to our 24/7 online educational platform, #AlwaysOn. If you are not a client yet, don’t worry! You can easily join our Revlon Pro community by leaving your contact details and a member of our team will be in touch.


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