Filter Your Focus with Nutri Color Filters

June 12, 2023

You may already be used to ‘filtering your focus’ with Nutricolor Filters™ – Revlon Professional. These original and professional vegan direct color + care formulas contain our unique 3-IN-1 INSTA-PIC TECHNOLOGY™ and are renowned for their amazing results and exceptional benefits that deliver DIRECT intense:

  • COLOR – Our pigments attach to the hair cuticle with electrostatic interaction to deliver instant, vibrant, and direct multidimensional hair color.
  • CARE – Our iconic caring color mask with vitamins upgrades your hair, protecting and nourishing it for a healthier touch. Panthenol (Provitamin B5) nourishes and moisturizes the hair.
  • SHINE –  Nutri Color™ Filters smooth and seal the hair cuticle to give a healthy radiant shine to your hair

Now we have gone a step further to focus on your creativity with endless color possibilities! These totally renewed vegan color formulas have been designed for color precision and excellent performance across the board.

It’s time to attract new clients and magnify your business potential through a pro lens! Are you ready to open a world of multichromatic possibilities with unlimited customization options? Then read on!

Nutri Color™ Filters: The Original Professional Direct Color and Care

color refresher nutri color filters

Pro Business Benefits

Creativity is key and we want everyone to be able to have fun with their hair and experiment! However, we also know that you, the hairdressers, are the real artists! That’s why Nutricolor Filters™ – by Revlon Professional have launched new tailor-made services and our do-it-with-a-pro touch to achieve results that your clients can’t at home.

Our creative business solutions and education will help build stronger client relationships that will help you and your business stand out. We recommend that you utilize THE HELIX CONSULTATION METHOD – by Revlon Professional. We believe that an open dialogue is important in order to understand your client’s color goals and to create a custom look. You can then complete the service by giving your clients the pro tools that empower them to have a hands-on role in their personal look.

We have a full range of 27 intermixable direct vegan color shades divided into 4 families so you have absolute creative control over your color services. Nutri Color™ Filters Pro performance direct color extends the life of salon results, refreshing color between services for professional results that last longer. Perfect to adapt to the new generation of more demanding clients.

nutri color filters color refresher

Pro Techniques

Discover new techniques like Mind the Gap, which  incorporates a trend-inspired, versatile, and vibrant pop of  097 TURQUOISE perfect for your fashionistas! If this wasn’t cool enough, the look also has a bright and vibrant coppery peach 054 CORAL to add an additional edge. The look also includes the latest Nutri Color™ Filter shade to go pro, PEARLY ASH BROWN 512. This shade brings a deep brown to a cool new level, instantly removing warmth and brassiness while leaving a rich, cool brown color refresh.

If your client prefers a more natural look but still with a sophisticated edge, try our Icy Ombre Bob technique. This metallic ash and violet pigment, 1012 MAUVE BLONDE, creates a cold neutralization that’s ideal after pre-lightening or on blond bases. It looks particularly striking with 512 and our new GOLDEN ASH BROWN 613 as a base.

These looks by our pros showcase that learning new and interesting  strategic color placement services can create a new way to engage with your client and recreate an abundance of looks that can suit each and every one!

For more inspiration you can also head to our 24/7 educational platform, Revlon Pro AlwaysOn, (available for clients only, so click the link to become one).

Visit our Revlon Pro Shop to discover pro-centric tools to fuse professional color with personal creativity and magnify your impact. You can also order directly and rethink retail through a service lens by learning how to upsell and create new services using your exciting color portfolio in a brand new and innovative way! Finally, don’t forget to offer each and every client professional care and styling products to prolong that amazing creative color work!


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