How to use hair toner according to your hair

May 27, 2023

When it comes to hair color, there are countless products and items you can use to create and enhance your client’s color. One of them, and a very important one, is hair toner. Colored hair will always need a touch of hair toner to keep it looking bright and healthy. This is true whether the color is achieved with highlighting techniques—like balayage or contouring (which will never go out of style)—or classic foil highlights.

If you’re completely unfamiliar with toner, start by reading our ultimate hair toner guide, which covers all of your need-to-know basics on how to use hair toner. Today’s article provides the next level of toner knowledge. We will discuss how to use hair toner, what it does, what happens to hair when you use this wonderfully helpful product, and share tips on how to tone different hair colors.



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What Does Toner Do to Your Hair?

Hair toner has several uses, from reviving hair color to neutralizing unwanted shades. It’s important to know what types of results you can expect when toning hair. This can be impacted by the hair’s starting color and whether or not it’s been previously colored (bleaching, all-over color, or highlights). The specific hair dye toner you use plays an important role, too.

For instance, using a hair toner on coppery hair, like Color Excel by Revlonissimo™ Tone on Tone in the shade 5.46, will help to revive color and shine. Here’s another example: Blondes can neutralize yellow tones and get a fantastic cool color with an acidic technology toner like Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™.

Below, we will look more in-depth at the different effects toner can have on hair colors to help you offer professional quality services to your clients.



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Una publicación compartida de Raquel Saiz (@blue_by_raquelsaiz)

What Does Toner Do to Bleached Hair?

With bleached hair, toner is used to remove yellow or copper tones and make the blonde hue appear cooler or ashier. To tone bleached strands in the salon, apply your developer in a 1:2 ratio to the hair, focusing on the areas you want to color. It should be left on the hair for a maximum of 20 minutes, with the specific time frame depending upon your client’s hair. When it’s ready to be washed out, rinse and treat the hair with MAGNETTM products. The result will be glowing blonde hair.

What Does Toner Do to Brown Hair?

On brown hair, toning helps to revive and add intensity to the color. This is important because, with washing, the color may begin to fade and oxidize. Applying a hair dye toner is a perfect solution to keep brown hair looking flawless.

What Does Toner Do to Blonde Hair?

Just as we described for bleached hair, blonde hair can be toned to neutralize unwanted yellow tones. But there’s also a lot more you can do with toner on blonde hair. You can play with any shade you can think of or even mix two shades to create stunning looks. Here’s one option we love: Apply Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ in the shade .052 for a trendy, soft pink finish.


What Does Toner Do to Highlights?

With the right product, creating perfectly-toned highlights to suit every hair type and every individual has never been easier. After applying a classic highlighting technique, you can use hair toner to achieve just the result you want. The result could be a cooler color or a warm tone. For the latter, try Color Excel by Revlonissimo™ Tone on Tone in the shade 9.3.

How to use hair toner: Should You Use Hair Dye Toner for Brassiness?

Regardless of hair color, hair oxidizes over time due to the effects of factors like the sun and the use of heat tools (especially straighteners and blow-dryers). This is why brassiness is a common hair concern in salons. If you wish to remove these coppery tones, you need to use neutralizers. You can also sharpen the color with color masks that restore the health of hair and the desired tone. Nutricolor Filters™ are great for refreshing hair color and making it look as it did on that very first day.

We hope all of your pressing questions about how to use hair toner have been answered and that with these tips, you can keep your client’s hair looking healthy, shiny, and fresh for longer. To gain access to even more educational content that will help you elevate your professional skills and potential, discover Revlon Professional’s e-learning platform #RevlonProAlwaysOn.


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