Refresh Your Hair Color in Summer with Nutri Color Filters

August 11, 2022

Have you ever noticed that hair color fades a little or gets lighter during the summer? We invite you to discover the easiest and most professional way to refresh hair color with Nutri Color™ Filters toners. In summer, high temperatures, UV radiation, chlorine, and seawater are factors that gradually degrade hair color. Let’s look at how to refresh it with professional products and color treatments that can be performed in the salon between coloring services.

At Revlon Professional, we have two services to tone hair, either at home or at the salon. For professional services we have Color Excel by Revlonissimo™. This fantastic product helps tone after a bleaching service. We also have Nutri Color™ Filters, which easily neutralize the hair all year round, but especially to avoid the effects of summer!

Nutri Color Filters color refresher

How Long Does Colored Hair Last?

In summer, hair color can lose intensity and shine, whether it is a fashionable copper color or balayage on curly hair. When we use a permanent color, the hair will essentially stay colored until it grows out and we dye it again. With low maintenance semi-permanent or demi-permanent coloring (the color is deposited around the hair fiber) the color will last about 20 washes with shampoos and cleansers.



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How to Refresh Your Hair Color

The battle against hair color fading in the summer is not lost! The color of your client’s hair tends to lose shine and intensity and the day comes when it is no longer the same as when it left the salon. Until now! With the Nutri Color™ Filters toners and Color Excel by Revlonissimo™ without ammonia, you will be able to refresh hair color in that intermediate stage between coloring.

To neutralize the tone, modify it with a more vibrant color, or even achieve fantasy colors, you can use the wide range of Nutri Color™ Filters to let your creativity and imagination flow. And that’s not all! Don’t miss out on the most groundbreaking new metallic shades, which you can use to create cool, ultra-luminous, and shimmering color highlights.

A World of Multichromatic Possibilities with Nutri Color™ Filters

Thanks to their Insta-pic™ technology, with Nutri Color™ Filters you will be able to refresh the color of any hair to make it look shiny and well cared for. With a range of 25 intermixable direct color shades divided into 4 families, you can customize color with total freedom for even the most demanding customers.

Now that you know how to revive your clients’ hair color, you can also give them a special touch with 5 of the hottest hair color trends. With Nutri Color™ Filters and  Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ you will be able to create spectacular looks. You can buy these lines and many more in our online store, Revlon Pro Shop. If you are already a customer, you can also access to our educational platform, #AlwaysOn, to learn new techniques and perfect the ones you already know. Don’t hesitate to add a touch of color to your client’s hair!

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