Explore in Detail the Nutri Color Filters Range and Its World of Hair Color Possibilities

January 24, 2022


Revlon Professional® invites you to see and create color as modern layers with our new and most demanded Nutri Color™ Filters. This range gives you absolute creative control over your color services. These renewed formulas have been designed for color precision and excellent performance across the board. Customization at its best adapted to a new generation of more demanding clients. A full range of 25 intermixable direct hair color shades divided into 4 families:

  • FASHION FILTERS to be always on trend with its versatile and exciting fashion palette. Ideal to express with bold hair colors, intensify shades or create a makeover. How long does it take to see the changes? 3 minutes for color refresh and 15 minutes for fashion/intense colors on pre-lightened or bleached hair.
  • TONING FILTERS to adjust your hair color temperature on blondes and brunettes. Ensure flawless color from roots to tips; ideal for in-between color services, or right after pre-lightening the hair. How long does it take to adjust the temperature? 3 minutes for color refresh and up to 15 minutes for deeper toning on pre-lightened or bleached hair.
  • MIXING FILTERS with Shadow, Blush or Clear to customize your hair with the most modern hair color effects. Ideal for advanced users and early adopters as well who are looking to create a smoky effect over any color of your choice. The best of all? You only need a small amount for a great result. Apply 10 parts a fashion or toning filters +1 part shadow during 3-15 minutes.


Nutri Color Creative Shadow

Zoom in hair care to zoom out color and shine with our Nutri Color™ Filters range and its unique Insta Pic Technology™.


Stands for PANTHENOL (PROVITAMIN B5) which nourishes & moisturizes hair.

For an INTENSE HAIR CARE, our iconic caring color mask with vitamins upgrades your hair, protecting and nourishing it for a healthier touch.


The IONIC PIGMENTS give a vibrant hair color.

For an INTENSE HAIR COLOR, Tone your hair color up & down with our ionic pigments. They attach to the hair cuticle with electrostatic interaction to deliver instant and multidimensional color.


The CONDITIONING SYSTEM Smoothens & seals the hair cuticle.

For an INTENSE HAIR SHINE, Nutri Color™ Filters gives a healthy radiant glow to your hair. Shine is the ultimate result of perfect hair.

What are you waiting for? Try for yourself the Insta Pic Technology™ in our Nutri Color™ Filters range for intense hair care, color and shine for flawless and professional-looking results.


Nutri Color Fashion

Master the Nutri Color™ Filters range and learn how to see color through a new lens to effortlessly attract more clients to your salon. Due to the versatility of the colors, and the multiple combination options, you will be able to create the most sought after looks of the season. Check out our e-learning platform, #REVLONPROALWAYSON and get the details on how to use the Nutri Color™ Filters range in your salon, and recommendations for use at home so your clients can take it home to maintain the intensity of their hair color, shine and nourishment.

Open up a world of multi-chromatic possibilities with Nutri Color™ Filters and unlimited customization options for the most demanding clients. Upgrade any blank canvas by adding dimension to any look through color, shadows and toning. Visit our PROSHOP site and get access to the most demanded and the latest Nutri Color™ Filters products and transport your clients to the filters heaven today.