Expensive Blonde: 6 Products to Get This 2022 Color Trend

October 17, 2022

With the change of seasons come changes in hair coloring, and this season we will see blonde everywhere. After the popularity of the Expensive Brunette trend, comes its sister,  the Expensive Blonde. It is gaining in followers thanks to the fact that it is a low-maintenance color, like the Balayage highlighting technique. It is a natural blonde look with subtle contrasts that gives an unparalleled dimensionality. To achieve this look, we will combine warm tones with highlights and lowlights so that the hair has a natural appearance whatever the base. Let’s learn more about the 2022 Expensive Blonde trend!



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What Is Expensive Blonde Hair?

We love Expensive Blonde and we’re going to show you why! First, because it’s a blonde color that can be worn on virtually any hair. When working with a brunette mane, you’ll add blonde highlights to create dimension and add shine, like our dimensional blonde look from the Urban Oasis Collection. In the case of a blonde mane, you’ll add lowlights to give the hair a more natural color and look. We also love this because it’s the best way to bring energy and dimensionality back to the hair with different shades of blondes for a luxurious finish. It is up to the salon professionals to perfectly design the expensive blonde – and any color – for each client and give it the right personality.


6 Products to Get the Perfect Expensive Blonde Hair

To achieve the Expensive Blonde look this season, it’s as important to know the techniques of lighting and pre-lightening as it is to know the products you can use to enhance, protect, and care for this new luxurious color.

Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™: with ammonia-free tone-on-tone coloring and the .123 Nude Satin shade, you can tone pre-lightened hair, bringing back all the shine and creating a fabulous titanium Expensive Blonde. If you opt for a warmer Expensive Blonde, the ideal choice is .31 Sand, which perfectly balances warm and cool highlights for a beige result with a fantastic golden ash shine.


Nutri Color™ Filters: Metal-Ice: to achieve an Expensive Blonde with an icy, shiny, and ultra-luminous effect, you can use the new 1012 Mauve Blonde or the most popular shade, 1002 Pale Platinum, on a blonde base (pre-lightened bases 10 and 11). The result is hair with cool,  soft, metallic, shiny reflections that change according to the incidence of light on the hair, giving it a dynamic look with a lot of dimensionality.


RE/START COLOR Strengthening Purple Cleanser: for an Expensive Blonde to look perfect, the hair has to be strong and healthy. With this cleanser and its exclusive Kerabiotic Blond Guard technology, you can balance the microbiome of the scalp, strengthen, and slightly neutralize the brassy, yellow tones for a vibrant Expensive Blonde.

Re/start™ Color Anti-Brassiness Purple Drops: thanks to its dual-action formula, it cares for and tones Expensive Blonde. Its neutralizing capacity on copper and yellow, brassy tones is also greater. You can mix it with the entire RE/START COLOR range so that the new color can be customized to the maximum.


Expensive Blonde is a look that will be in high demand in salons, so you must be prepared to tailor it to each client. For both straight and curly hair, this beautiful blonde can be used to create unique looks like our #curlyBalayage, in which we used Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ .123 Nude Satin.

This trend is set to continue into late 2022 and 2023, along with  Caramel Balayage Hair. Do not hesitate to get the Urban Oasis Collection from the Revlon Pro Shop and get the best balayage. You can also continue researching and discovering all the trends and news from Revlon and keep learning everything that our professionals can offer on our educational platform, #AlwaysOn (for clients only). Now you have everything you need to create your perfect Expensive Blonde!

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