Find out If You Are Offering the Right Hair Coloring Options at Your Salon

June 14, 2022

It has never been an easy task to convince a client to spend more money than what they had originally in mind for a hair coloring service; most of the time, there has to be a special occasion or desire to justify the extra expense. Some clients think that paying additional value for a professional hair color is worth it, but not all customers feel the same way. Also, that supplement is reflected in the maintenance costs for at-home hair care products.

How can we defend this plus? A thorough consultation will be your best ally to offer your clients a personalized service and outline realistic expectations and results adapted to their needs as well as their lifestyle. It is not just doing what the client asks for, but really taking the time to analyze whether it is the best option for their facial features, skin tone, and more. When you meet your clients’ expectations through their hair coloring service, you can expect to have an increase in your clientele, spread the exceptional reputation of your hair salon, and make hair coloring services your highest grossing service.

Experience a journey of hair color inspiration

Revlon Professional® palette of hair coloring options


Show your clients that you’re in keeping with the hair colors of the season by offering the most demanded hair color trends. Boost your clients’ inspiration by suggesting a journey full of fantasy with a choice of metallic colors or offer a choice of low-maintenance sophisticated ombrés. Also remind your customers of the nature-inspired vegan color sublime hair color service, because caring for our environment should always be an option.

Hair coloring preparation explained

Hair coloring process with Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™

There is no better way to gain a client’s trust than by offering a quality hair color service that can meet their goals with glossy damage-free results. Make them part of the hair color preparation process by explaining what is going to happen to their hair: from strand tests to working out how many sessions will be needed. And don’t forget to recommend the hair care products they will need to make the look last longer.

An unlimited range of professional hair color results

Revlon Professional® results of professional hair color services

Showcase your talent and tell your clients how to maintain their professional hair color results at home. Refine your services and prove that there are no limits to hair coloring. Check out the top hair color trends this season and brush up on your lightening techniques to create babylights, low-maintenance ombré styles, deep colors or balayage looks. And if your clients are bold enough, offer an unforgettable combination of metallic colors in alternate sections by combining the classic foil and the balayage technique for a head-turning hair trend.

Find out if you are offering the most suitable, desired, and trendy hair coloring options at your hair salon. In this work field where trends come and go almost seasonally, it is essential to be up to the minute. To make sure you and your team keep on learning, we encourage you to visit our e-learning platform REVLONPROALWAYSON, where you will have access 24/7 and from anywhere to the latest hair coloring services offered in the industry. If, on the other hand, you want to practice and recreate any hair coloring services but are in need of the right tools and material, go to REVLONPROSHOP and find the most requested hair products of the season. Also, if you would like further recommendations on the latest hair colors, you can contact the sales representative of the area for advice. Don’t wait any longer and get ahead of the game by offering your clients the flawless hair coloring service they wish for.

Embark on a journey of inspiration and color

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