Blonde Balayage Hair Ideas for 2024

June 29, 2023

5 blonde balayage hair ideas for 2023

Blonde Balayage hair is a trend that is here to stay! But how can you update this much loved technique? Let’s take a look at how this trend, which uses hand painted coloring for a more natural grow out, can be kept current and given a new twist for 2023.

We know that our clients are seeking new and fun colors. They want creativity and personalization, so it’s key that we stylists offer new and innovative colors, techniques, and ideas. How can we combine balayage with bold new techniques? How can we keep blonde balayage relatively low maintenance but add pops of color that can tempt more classic clients to try edgier looks? It’s time to discover glossing and toning with watercolor bright colors!

Metallic blonde balayage hair


This metallic blonde look is amazing on hair that has been pre-lightened to a level 9-10 but will work just as beautifully on blonde balayage hair. To recreate the color, we recommend pre toning the hair with a neutralizing shade, such as Color Excel Gloss .01, then applying multiple shades from Nutri Color™ Filters Metal-Ice Toning Filters such as tones 053 Iced Rose and 1011 Intense Silver to the roots to create the #shadowroots effect. To further personalize the color, try adding CLEAR to the color mix to add illumination and dimension. For a different take on the metallic look we also love Color Excel by Revlonissimo™ 012 Iridescent Grey blended into 022 Iridescent.

Pink blonde balayage hair


What better way to be inspired by then nature itself? Dynamic flashes of color  seamlessly blend pops of pink in various shades to make this look soft but fashionable. Applying pinks on blonde balayage hair is a client and stylist favorite. The fade out of this pretty tone that can leave blonde hair bright and neutralized once it washes out. It gives vibrancy without the high maintenance or color grab that green or blue shades can bring. We recommend tones .523 Antique Rose for a softer shade or 500 Fucsia for a bolder shade by Color Excel Gloss. Mixing any color with CLEAR will make the shades more pastel, so don’t be shy about getting creative!

Peachy blonde balayage hair


Feeling peachy? Flourish with our #BloomingCollection, which brings vivid and unexpected color combinations to the forefront for joyful spring vibes that are inspired by flora and fauna. Try C 46 Tangerine Red by Revlonissimo Colorsmetique or Color Excel Gloss .435 Peach for a more subtle shade. Try  adding CLEAR or another shade to create a pastel  effect or to make the color really stand out, depending on what your client wants. You can also blend contrasting or complementary tones together to give a watercolor effect.

Conscious blonde balayage hair


Take your artistry to a new level with subtle chromatic touches. We love the #Sunset Collection and the versatile #ConsciousBalayage technique that creates natural dimension without the need for foils or pre-lightener. Blend the new ammonia-free shades from Revlonissimo Color Sublime together or add them over your clients existing blonde panels to create a striking look! Try the new shades 77.40, 77.66, 6.21 and make each color service unique. The C5 technology adds high reflection and intensity that is perfect for the watercolor inspired trend!

Shine blonde balayage hair


We know that not every client wants or likes fashion colors, so for those more color shy or natural color loving clients then try .342 by Color Excel Gloss Color™ as a glaze over those pre-lightened blonde ends. It offers a sophisticated tone and a shimmering shine! This shade gives a bronzed vibe that looks particularly stunning on balayage bases 6 and up.

HAIR COLOR TIP: protect the mid-lengths and ends with Magnet™ Ultimate Pre-technical Equalizer by pre-lightening the roots. For a Watercolor effect, have fun blending unexpected color combinations together and utilizing CLEAR to blend shades, add focus around the face, and make those areas that you want to enhance pop with lighter or brighter color shades.

Tips for Perfect Balayage

Balayage has come leaps and bounds from when it was first introduced. This color technique originates from France and focuses on creating subtle hand painted sections of color. These can start at the roots and around the face  and then gradually become denser towards the mids and ends of the hair, mimicking the way the hair would lighten naturally in the sun.

These days, balayage has become bolder with the introduction of thicker painted sections around the hairline and the addition of foils to increase lightness and lift. These two techniques combine to create Foilayage. This coloring technique is mainly achieved using pre-lightening products which can then be toned with a gloss to add variations of color or neutralize. In 2023, fun fashion colors can be used to add vibrancy and playful tones. Of course, you can combine the two! We recommend neutralizing unwanted tones first before applying fashion shades. This is known as pretoning.

Make sure you have all of the products and tools you need to empower your salon with haircare and Nutri Color Filter color masks that will ensure the upkeep of these trending watercolor inspired shades and keep the blonde balayage hair color trend going at your salon.

You can stock up by heading to our Revlon Pro Shop. we also encourage you to take a look at Revlon Pro AlwaysOn (available for clients only, so click the link to become one) and discover our #CONCIOUSBALAYAGE color technique that will work beautifully with pastel colors on a base 8 or higher. You can also try a bolder look on bases 7 and under.


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