Celebrate Hairstylist Appreciation Day by Discovering New Styles and Concepts from Bernad Hair Salon

April 27, 2022

As soon as you enter Bernad Hair Salon, you are charmed by its brightness and its playful swing, which invites you to feel comfortable in this space for creativity. The team of professional hairdressers offers personalized hair analysis and treatments tailored to each client’s needs. As experts in Revlon Professional hair coloring, they can make your dream hair a reality.



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How to Transform Your Salon Into a Unique Space

 When it comes to creating comfortable places where your clientele will feel at home, you must take into account certain aspects that will make our salon look unique. Let’s take a look at how Bernad Hair Salon achieves this.

1. The Swing

This salon has a swing made of wood and macramé details. It is the trademark of the salon and a great place to relax after having a hair treatment. It’s also very Instagram friendly.

Hair salon decor

2. Lighting and Decor

From the outside, the salon reminds visitors that they are close to the Mediterranean Sea, with white walls that bring a lot of light and wooden elements that give a sense of warmth. It is important to create an environment where stylists can work comfortably and see the results of their services and where clients feel at home.

Bernad Hair Salon Decor

3. Work Area

There is space for the hairdressers to move freely and without disturbing each other. This area is clean and functional and designed so that transfers are kept to a minimum.

4. Color Bar

There is a wooden table that is about 8 meters long, with electrical outlets and good lighting. Here, the clientele can plug in their electronic devices and the colorists can mix, match, and create the perfect color for each client.

Bernad Hair Salon Color Bar

5. Selfie Area

At Bernad Hair Salon, you can take a photo or selfie almost anywhere, from the exquisite dressing tables to the fun swing. There is even a beautiful full-length mirror where you can admire and photograph your brand new  look.



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6. Staff Area

The salon has three color stations where stylists can comfortably perform their tasks. As mentioned, this is a space where workers can move around easily and access everything they need. It is very important that colorists and hairdressers can manoeuvre effortlessly around a salon.

Professional Tips to Improve Your Hairdressing Salon

Finally, a brief summary and a few professional tips to make your salon one of the most popular and sought-after places to go for hair care.

1. Multimedia Content

Nowadays, social media is a fundamental tool both to show off your work and to reach more potential clients. Carefully choose the photos you upload to your professional profiles and ensure that they are taken in good lighting. Showing your excellent technical work will provide you with greater visibility and will drive interest in your services.

2. Media and Online Sales

It is very important to have a section where you can sell your best products on your social networks and website. Check out the Revlon Proshop to get the best products for your salon.

3. Creating the Space

Pay special attention to your target clientele so that the space you have created is adapted to the comfort and style of this group. Details are important and will set you apart from other salons.



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Una publicación compartida de BERNAD (@bernadhairsalonmakeup)

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