A Closer Look at Clean Beauty & its Benefits – Can Color Really Be “Clean”?

June 7, 2021

Clean beauty has been the talk of the beauty world over the past year—and with the focus on health, wellbeing, and sustainability, it’s no surprise. The term “clean beauty” doesn’t have an exact definition, and with so much conflicting information out there understanding it can get a little confusing. Different brands have their own guidelines on what it is needed for their products to be determined “clean”. Some focus on non-irritating ingredients and others on the environmental factors that go into creating the formulas. The confusion surrounding the topic shouldn’t deter you from being more mindful with your beauty routine.

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What is clean beauty?

For us, “clean” means the best of science and nature, the perfect match between efficacy and ethicality. Due to its connotations of “purity”, when hair products are marketed as “clean”, this typically refers to formulas made without “filler” ingredients that can be harsh on your strands. If there is a gentler way of delivering gorgeous results with less abrasive formulas, why not go with that instead?

However, “clean” also means a universally responsible product, not only safe and reassuring for consumers, but also better for the planet. There is a focus on sustainability and protecting our planet. This comes down to ingredients, packaging, manufacturing, and every other aspect of a product. We’re now thinking about long-term sustainability, not just performance.

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Clean beauty benefits—why is it so important?

Opting for a cleaner beauty regimen can have numerous benefits for both you and the world around you. Clean beauty is a sustainable, responsible, and ethical approach to beauty and wellness with as little environmental impact and as little damage to hair as possible. Many clean cosmetic products will work exactly the same as their classic counterparts, just with more gentle delivery. Any area of your routine can be made cleaner, including home care, styling products, and even your hair color!

It’s important to note that while many products are marked “clean”, it’s essential to always read through the ingredients list. Ingredients like parabens, aluminum compounds, and formaldehyde can take a toll on your scalp, cause dryness, and strip the vibrancy of your color.

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Examples of clean beauty products you must have in your salon

Looking to pick up a few clean beauty products for your salon? Here are some of our essentials for you clean-conscious clients:

Revlonissimo Color Sublime

If you’re serious about embracing the new clean beauty era at your salon, start with your permanent hair color services. Revlonissimo Color Sublime is vegan and balances performance with sustainability. This nature-inspired ammonia-free* permanent hair color contains natural and organic1 cold-pressed oils to deliver vibrant hair color and hair care. Plus, it comes in a recycled and recyclable packaging.

The versatile range offers 48 intermixable shades and provides up to 100% gray hair coverage. The ultra-gliding cream-gel texture contributes to a non-drip and controlled application that respects the scalp, while the mild, neutral fragrance improves the sensorial hair coloring experience.

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Revlonissimo Color Sublime Benefits

  • Vegan Formula: There are absolutely no animal ingredients. We have opted to replace animal byproducts with plant natural-derived alternatives that give us the same efficacy.
  • Sustainable Packaging: This permanent color is packaged using 60% less plastic and 25% less paper. The formula is wrapped in recyclable aluminum and paper from responsible harvesting (FSC), Post- Consumer Recycled plastic (PCR) and eco-printing designs.
  • Ammonia-Free*: Ammonia-free* hair dyes don’t always need to be avoided, but if your clients prefer ammonia-free* products, pick up Revlonissimo Color Sublime. Its Dual Action Vegan Color System contains sunflower oil that pushes colorants inside the hair, while coconut oil deeply nourishes it from the inside, and a blend of haircare ingredients and cold pressed oils coat the hair strand leaving it stronger.
  • Complete Gray Coverage: Revlonissimo Color Sublime doesn’t sacrifice performance and offers up to 100% gray coverage.

The Eksperience Professional Talassotherapy

A client’s clean beauty experience doesn’t need to end with their hair color. Be sure to offer them a salon-quality hair treatment like the Eksperience Professional Talassotherapy. This is an exclusive range of in-salon treatments for scalp issues that involves the use of seawater and other oceanic ingredients like marine algae to treat, nourish and replenish the hair and scalp.

Revlon Professional®

Clean Beauty is still not an exact definition, partly due to different areas being of higher importance to different clients. People show an interest in the clean beauty movement for numerous reasons: health benefits, ethical reasons, sustainability concerns, or just simply because they want to take an alternative approach to health and beauty. For whichever reason your client may be looking to go cleaner, it’s in our best interest to be educated on the topic and to always offer an informed solution to our clients’ concerns.

1Coconut and Sunflower oil.

*Formulated without adding ammonia.