How to color hair professionally: guide to coloring with zero damage

June 8, 2021

Our clients are a reflection of our work, and with the help of social media, our digital advertisements too. The end result of our clients’ hair makes up our portfolio and should be a shining example of our craft and skill. That’s why it’s essential to have every client we service leave the salon with gorgeous, damage-free strands.

Wondering how to achieve any hair color without damage? Let’s dive into our professional guide to know how to color hair professionally.

What to take into account to avoid hair color damage

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Your client’s hair history

Don’t let that even, shimmering color from root to tip fool you. There could be months, or even years, of secrets hidden beneath those glossy locks. As professional colorists, it’s essential to take every precaution to ensure a seamless result and protect the integrity of our clients’ hair. Naturally, there is a much higher possibility of clients arriving at the salon with various home color applications in their hair. With many misleading technologies in several home color formulas and clients being generally unaware of the permanent consequences of semi-permanent colors, it’s crucial to really get to know their hair history.

To ensure to color their hair professionally, strand tests should be carried out on every client before dyeing their entire hair to ensure there are no issues with the color. You should also always book your client for a complete consultation to get a better understanding of their goals and their previous salon color experiences.

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How to color hair professionally to maintain health

To maintain the integrity of your client’s hair and reduce breakage, there are multiple steps you should take. Remember: sometimes it’s the smallest changes we make that collectively have the biggest impact.

  • Acidic vs. Alkaline: Hair’s natural pH will always sit on the acidic side of the scale. However, technical services like color and lightening have an alkaline pH. This is necessary and completely normal for these processes but can lead to fiber damage. When appropriate, we recommend reaching for Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo as your go-to toner for blonding services as it contains acid technology. It will respect the natural pH balance of hair and bring it back to its natural pH after a technical service improving cuticle sealing.
  • Minimize friction at the back bar: The experience of color removal and application should be one of great comfort and relaxation. Always ensure that the correct products are used in a gentle and delicate fashion to efficiently prepare your client for styling. Harsh scrubbing motions should be a thing of the past. After all, the shampoo experience is most clients’ favorite part of their visit to the salon!
  • Make sure your client’s hair is tangle-free: This may seem like a very simple and obvious step to take, but combing hair incorrectly is a huge contributor to breakage. Always start detangling hair at the ends, working up to the mid-lengths, and finishing at the root. Educate your client to do the same when styling their hair at home.

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Recommendations to achieve healthy hair and avoid damage 

As hairdressers, we sometimes focus solely on the couple of hours that our client is sitting in our chair and forget it is essential to teach them about the importance of at-home maintenance post salon visit.  Professional hair care is essential for maintaining radiant, long lasting color. Are all clients aware that they should avoid cleansing their hair with shampoos that aren’t formulated to protect their salon hue? Do they blow-dry their hair regularly without heat protection? How often do they shampoo their hair? Find out about your clients at-home beauty routine and make suggestions on how they can upgrade it to protect their color. All these questions will guarantee the best home care advice for each individual client. For example, you could recommend our Color Protection family from Eksperience™, a range for colored and treated hair that creates a barrier to protect color for longer.

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The Best Products To Color Hair Without Damage

Revlon Professional – Revlonissimo™ has a vast range of technical tools to aid you in the process of coloring hair professionally. Always make sure to assess each individual client’s hair type and choose the most suitable color collection for each service.

Revlonissimo Color Sublime™

Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ is a clean and vegan ammonia-free* permanent hair color inspired by nature. This new approach led to the development of the Dual Action Vegan Color System, representing the perfect balance between science and nature. Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ delivers impactful color through vegan and organically1 grown cold-pressed oils for 2x stronger hair2. The range offers an extensive selection of intermixable shades allowing you to create custom hair color for each client.

Color Excel And Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™

The toning world demands more personalization and customization so Revlonissimo™ developed the most competitive color technologies and portfolio. Color Excel by Revlonissimo™ delivers reliable, uniform color, a multi-reflective shine and superior caring results. It contains Cotton Extract which is known to protect the hair fiber. Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ treats and colors hair gently,  creating multidimensional, brighter blondes. It’s acid technology respects the natural pH balance of hair, bringing it back to its natural pH after a technical service and improving cuticle sealing.

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Coloring is arguably one of the most creative ways we can express ourselves in the beauty industry. However, our art can only be as beautiful as the canvas it’s painted on. It’s our responsibility to make sure our client’s hair is looking its best between color services and not just on the day of the application. A professional service, meticulous application, and quality home care recommendations will always guarantee the best possible results.

1Coconut and Sunflower oil.

2vs formula without conditioner system.