Instant detangling for bold, beautiful shine!

June 12, 2018

Since then, women all over the world have embraced the unique benefits of this iconic range of practical, easy-to-use formulas that deliver instant detangling, conditioning and care, all at the same time.

Revlon Professional® Equave enhances every woman’s natural look and delivers immediate results in practical, leave-in instant solutions developed for use on every hair type, every day. Four light, bi-phase formulas that condition and care for the hair helping to create smooth, shiny and manageable looks that reflect every woman’s unique beauty. No need to rinse, no need to worry!

Instant Leave-in Detangling Conditioner for normal to dry hair: a light, keratin-enriched formula ideal for dry and damaged hair that revitalizes and nourishes the fiber for shiny, supple, manageable hair that feels soft and moisturized.

Instant Leave-in Detangling Conditioner for fine hair: a light, keratin-enriched bi-phase formula that instantly detangles fine and fragile hair, providing natural volume, body and softness without adding weight.

Instant Leave-in Detangling Conditioner for blonde hair: this light, bi-phase formula is ideal for blonde, bleached, highlighted or gray hair thanks to its high percentatge of blue pigments that help to neutralize undisered yellow tones. It instantly detangles hair and helps to repair and moisturize the fiber, leaving it silky, bright and shiny.

Instant Leave-in Detangling Conditioner for sun-exposed hair:  
formulated with broad-spectrum UVA/ UVB filters to revitalize the fiber and provide extra protection against the damage caused by the sun’s rays. Enjoy silky, radiant, nourished hair all summer long.

For hair not only shiny and tangle-free, but also soft and clean, complement the Revlon Professional® Equave detangling conditioners with our gentle, keratin-enriched Micellar Shampoo for all hair types. Its gel texture and gentle formula helps to condition hair deeply, leaving it silky, shiny and irresistibly smooth to the touch.

The Revlon Professional® Equave instant leave-in conditioners care for every woman’s natural look, whatever her hair type and length, and guarantee the same results as traditional formulas in a fraction of the time.

Instant detangling for bold, beautiful shine

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