UniqOne Green Tea Scent

September 18, 2018

Revlon Professional® strives to innovate constantly and has come up with the answer for busy women who are looking for haircare products that deliver professional results with minimal demands on their time. In today’s fast-paced world of smart phones and tablets, not everyone has the luxury of enough time to carry out a thorough haircare routine on a daily basis.

That’s where UniqOne™ comes in. This iconic leave-in mask offers 10 real benefits to every hair type in a convenient leave-in formula. It repairs dry & damaged the hair, controls frizz, adds shine and leaves it more supple and manageable. The multibenefit, multifragrance range leaves the hair smooth, silky and easy to style both when wet and when dry. It also protects hair color thanks to the UVA/UVB filters. In addition to the exquisite Classic, Cococunut and Lotus Flower fragrances, UniqOne™ has now developed the new Green Tea Scent: tangy, zesty citrus followed by aromatic green tea and softened with delicate notes of amber and musk.

We have the solution for silky, shiny, manageable hair every day in a multifragrance formula developed to offer an exquisite haircare experience. Why not explore the possibilities of our multibenefit approach to hair care as you discover the fresh new addition to the range of fragrances for the leave-in spray treatment that has revolutionized the market?

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