Are Bowl Cuts Coming Back? 8 Variations to Explore and Slay

January 10, 2024

Yes, you heard it right – bowl cuts have made a comeback! Don’t worry; we can confirm that 2024’s version does not involve cutting around an actual bowl… phew! In fact, there are a variety of techniques and styles to tailor this look to your client’s unique face shape and style! Just make sure to always carry out a thorough consultation. Now take a seat and get ready to be inspired.


The Revival of the Bowl Cut

What is a bowl cut and why is it back? The bowl cut draws inspiration from 1980s fashion, featuring a distinctive mushroom-shaped style. This retro haircut combines blunt bangs and a straight perimeter, with the lower strands typically having graduated, tapered, or undercut elements. This rounded gradient near the base certainly makes an impact, so it’s no surprise that it’s back with a bang!

The Modern Bowl Cut

The hallmark of the modern bowl cut lies in its adaptability. No longer confined to rigid, uniform styles, today’s interpretation of the bowl cut allows for personalized variations that cater to individual preferences, face shapes, and hair textures. 

Today’s bowl cut variations are designed for easy maintenance. The versatility in length and styling options ensures that your clients can effortlessly manage their look between salon visits with the help of care and styling products, making it a practical choice for those with busy lifestyles.

Stylish Bowl Cut Variations

The Classic Bowl Cut

The classic bowl cut is achieved by starting with clean, damp hair. Begin by dividing the hair into manageable sections. Using horizontal sections, cut the hair to a uniform length around the head, ensuring an even and balanced finish. Pay attention to the natural fall of the hair and make adjustments as needed to maintain symmetry. Once finished and styled, keep the look smooth post blow out with Style Masters™ Must-Haves Modular™. This quick drying hairspray for all hair types provides 24 hours of medium hold and control and ensures optimum shine.

The Asymmetric Bowl Cut

To create an asymmetric bowl cut, start with a well-defined parting. Section the hair and cut one side to the desired length, ensuring a gradual transition to a longer length on the opposite side. Focus on precision and balance, using the shorter side as a guide for the overall shape. This cool haircut already looks stunning but, to optimize the look, recommend that your clients try a cool or vibrant color combo. We recommend the Nutri Color™ Filters direct intense, color, care, and shine semi-permanent conditioning color masks to open a world of multichromatic possibilities.


The Textured Bowl Cut

Introduce texture into the classic bowl cut by using point-cutting techniques. To create a shaggy bowl cut, focus on adding textured layers. After the initial cut, take sections of hair and point-cut them at different lengths to achieve a tousled and relaxed appearance that works perfectly with textured hair types. Embrace the natural movement of the hair for an effortlessly cool and contemporary finish. After the initial cut, take vertical sections of hair and point-cut at various angles to add movement and dimension. This method creates a more modern version of the traditional bowl cut.



Bowl Cut with Bangs

For a bowl cut with bangs, begin by sectioning off the bang area. Cut the bangs to the desired length and style, whether straight-across, side-swept, or curtain bangs. Blend the bangs seamlessly into the rest of the bowl cut, ensuring a cohesive and polished look.



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The Undercut Bowl Cut

Achieving the undercut bowl cut involves shaving or closely cropping the sides and back while maintaining length on top. Use clippers for precision, creating a clear distinction between the longer top and the undercut with a skin fade or tapering. This bold variation gives cool, edgy results.


Bowl Cut Pixie

The bowl cut pixie is a short and chic variation, offering a bold and playful look. With cropped sides and a slightly longer top, it provides a modern and feminine twist to the traditional bowl cut but keeps the round fringe and that bowl cut vibe!


Bowl Cut Bob

The longer bob version of the classic bowl cut is bangless and typically chin-length. It’s a more relaxed and modern take on the classic style, suitable for all face shapes.


Bowl Cut with Layers

Introducing layers into a bowl cut adds dimension and movement, creating a contemporary and dynamic hairstyle. This technique involves strategically cutting layers at different lengths, particularly focusing on the top and crown. The result is a textured and voluminous look that enhances the natural flow of the hair. Ideal for those seeking a modern twist to the traditional bowl cut.


Bowl cuts may not be for everyone but there is a bowel cut to suit anyone! The key is to work with your client to create a personalized look that they can feel confident in! Keep learning with us and join #RevlonProAlwaysOn (for clients only) for more tips and trends. You can also order all your pro products on our online shop, Revlon Proshop.

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