Powerful Hair Protection While Lifting with Magnet

February 18, 2022

Challenge any hair lightening service with our Magnet™ Blondes range; the ultimate professional products to achieve the boldest blond looks without having to compromise your customers’ hair. There is no doubt that lightening looks are one if not the most demanded services at hair salons as well as the utmost challenging. It does not matter where you start, but how far you can really go while preventing, protecting and repairing hair from the inside out. Magnet™ Blondes, is the range you had been waiting for to empower your technical skills with confidence.

What Does the BondIN System™ Really Do?

Revlon Professional®


Face the challenge of hair damage and external aggressors with our Magnet™ Blondes range and its exclusive BondIN System™. It helps to protect existing bonds, repair broken ones and create new ones for hair to stay strong from the inside out; this way hair is being treated before, during and after the lightening service. Our exclusive system creates a protective shield to fight chemical and external aggressors, including pollution, which as you know, have a negative impact on the lightening results. Check out the key ingredients in our unique formula:

3 Key Bonding Ingredients 

  1. Maleic acid: Creates new structural bonds.
  2. Cysteine derivatives: Protect and repair hair’s keratin structure.
  3. Amide & Amine derivatives: Create additional hydrogen and ionic hair bond.

3 Key Anti-Aggressor Ingredients 

  1. Chelating agents: Capture metals during technical services.
  2. Antioxidants/Moringa: Inhibit free-radicals formed by chemical reactions or UV rays.
  3. Shield ingredients: Form a protective layer over the hair shaft and scalp to block external aggressors and remove the deposits they leave behind with ease.

Make Hair 3X Stronger with the Magnet™ Range

Revlon Professional®

Obtain powerful lifting with maximum hair protection when using Magnet™ during a lightening service. Our range offers up to 3 times stronger hair and higher resistance to breakage compared to a standard hair lightening service when *Using Ultimate Powder 9 + Ultimate Oil Developer + Ultimate Technical Additive, Ultimate Post-Technical Shampoo & Ultimate Post-Technical Treatment vs a standard lightening service.

Build stronger bonds with your clients with our ultimate Magnet™ lightening service, a multi-step service that offers extreme lifting and toning results without compromising hair health at any moment. Each product on the range has its specific function to deliver the highest lifting results and care.

Overcome Any Technical Hair Challenge with Magnet™

Revlon Professional®

Face any technical service with our Magnet™ range, an end-to-end complete solution specific to meet the needs of chemically treated hair. Check out all the services in which the use of our Magnet™ products will work their wonders:

Magnet™ Ultimate Lightening Service

A multi-service that offers extreme lifting while offering maximum haircare. 

Magnet™ Ultimate Color Service

Our effective range combined with Revlonissimo™ delivers reliable results beyond color, care and shine.

Magnet™ Ultimate Fantasy Service

Meet all the fantasy hair color desires of your clients with our shades of Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ and Nutri Color™.

Magnet™ Ultimate Reconstructing Service

If your client’s hair happens to be quite damaged and sensitized, this service will help create new bonds and enhance the hair condition before or in-between technical services.

Find out the benefits of each product on the Magnet™ range, and how they are meant to be used to get the most out of the products before, during and after your services. Get your hands on the range at #REVLONPROSHOP, we also encourage you to make a quick stop at #REVLONPROALWAYSON to find out the details on how to best apply the products for outstanding results. Do not forget to recommend your clients to maintain the Magnet™ in-salon results at home with products specific to their hair needs. Challenge strength while lifting!