Med Short Hair Styles That Highlight Your Face

May 25, 2023

Haircuts come in and out of fashion but these med short hair styles are not to be missed as GEN Z brings back some 2000 classics with a 2023 twist. Get ready to be inspired (or perhaps reminisce) or better yet, get those scissors out and get snipping! Let’s take a look at some cuts that are trending right now.

Med and Short Hair Styles: Top Short Hairstyles This Year

The pixie, wolf cut, shullet, and of course the funky mullet are everywhere! These looks can be personalized to suit each and every hair type and face shape, which is what makes them come back year after year! But how can you bring them up to date? Color, texture, and variations in length are some ways to help make the layers and sections of each haircut really stand out. We also have some trendy new haircuts and augmented color collections for 2023 that will revamp these retro classics.

The Pixie

The pixie will always be a bold and striking short haircut that’s usually reserved for the most confident. We love pairing this look with block color choices such as the crimson red below or the trending #VIVAMAGENTA. Those who aren’t sold on the super short look will be happy to discover that the pixie can also be transformed into a cropped and choppy bixie.


The Bixie

What is a Bixie? It’s a slightly longer take on its predecessor and has more styling options due to the longer fringe and textured layers that make it a bit more appealing due to its versatile styling. It’s also very popular with many celebrities, so you will likely see clients lining up with inspo pics. This cut can be left longer to give it a mix of a pixie with a bob.

The Shullet

The shullet is essentially a mullet with a shorter base cut that sits around the nape and collar area. It has choppy short layers and full, strong bangs that take the focus away from the back. Like the rebellious mullet haircut, it takes the “party at the back” concept but makes this haircut more “party in the front and business at the back.” The textured layering around the face and crown can be combined with color to personalize the look. The look below shows off a pop of yellow with a platinum base using Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ 10.21. Being bold and fun is now at the forefront and we love it! Check out the BLOOMING COLLECTION for tips on how to get the #Mullet look.


Med Short Hair Styles: Trendy Medium Haircuts for Gen Z

The #microbob, faux bob, and wolf cut are the rebellious take on the classic bob and are just what Gen Z are rocking! These medium hairstyles can also be shortened to go anywhere from the tops of the ears right down to the collar bone, making them the perfect customizable looks. They can also be paired with some dimensional color to give extra personalization and make the look fun and bold.


Gen Z has reclaimed the roots and made them cool again. If you have grown out darker roots in shades 5-7 then you are right on trend! If not, this cut looks stunning with a darker base that blends into pre-lightened mids and ends that are then glossed with our  spring color palette. Look up our #highcontrastbalayage and #AmethystShadowRoots techniques for inspiration that GEN Z will love.

Tips for a Perfect Haircut

Haircuts are personal and they should be kept that way. The perfect haircut will flatter your client’s face shape, hair texture, and individual style. For more tips, check out what style suits me?

Remember that, as a stylist, your job is to keep ahead of the trends. If your client has had the same med short hair styles for a few appointments or even years, utilize your consultation skills and try to get them to step out of their comfort zone. If they are still rocking the mullet from the 80’s, then add more texture to bring it up to date. You can also pair it with a new low commitment glimmering tone by Color Excel Gloss , which will give their look a 2023 style update.

We hope you have been inspired by these med short hair styles! No matter what your favorite era is, you will enjoy 2023’s bold new looks that welcome personality and individuality. For more trends and techniques that will help you empower your salon, check out #AlwaysOn (for clients only). You can sign up by leaving us your contact details. You can also shop online for all your favorite products at our RevlonProshop.

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