Ammonia-Free* Color – A Breakthrough For Beautiful Hair

June 17, 2021

Ammonia-free* coloring has been a trending topic in recent years, and it’s only growing in popularity. Many people are switching to ammonia-free* options, but is it really necessary? First, we need to understand why ammonia is added to hair color. Ammonia is an ingredient whose main function is to drive the color molecule deep within the cortex to achieve a long-lasting result and therefore, it is used in most permanent colors.

In hair color, it’s there to do one job—and it does it efficiently. However, ammonia-free* hair color can be an option for clients looking for an alternative way to color their hair. Wondering if ammonia-free* hair color is right for you? Keep scrolling for everything you need to know plus the best ammonia-free* services for each client’s needs.

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Is ammonia-free* for me?

You will find very few clients who won’t be suitable for an ammonia-free* option. There are multiple choices for blonde clients looking to tone, or brunette and copper salon-goers wanting semi-permanent color, and even for clients with gray hair hoping for permanent coverage. There is an ammonia-free* option for every color story. These technologies offer unique, custom shades with full-coverage options.

How does ammonia-free* work?

Ammonia-free* color achieves the same end result as an ammonia product—it just uses a different method. While ammonia drives the color molecule directly through the cuticle scales and into the cortex, ammonia-free* color removes this ingredient and takes a new approach to deliver long-lasting color.

Revlonissimo Color Sublime—our permanent ammonia-free* color—uses a unique technology: the Dual Action Vegan Color System that employs organically1 grown cold-pressed oils to deliver rich color while nourishing each hair strand. Sunflower oil pushes colorants inside the hair for vibrant color results while coconut oil deeply nourishes it from the inside, and a blend of haircare ingredients and cold pressed oils coat the hair strand leaving it 2x stronger2.

Revlon Professional®

What makes Revlonissimo Color Sublime unique?

One of the main advantages for clients switching from their current color to Revlonissimo Color Sublime is the perfect balance between performance and sustainability. This nature inspired and vegan formula comes in a recycled and recyclable packaging with 60% less plastic and ¼ less paper. With 48 intermixable permanent color shades, you can personalize your client’s color journey, without the added shelf space.

Will Ammonia-free* give full gray hair coverage?

Some clients, especially those with a high percentage of gray hair, may be a little apprehensive to make the switch to ammonia-free*. It is important to remind them that Revlonissimo Color Sublime will give them up to 100% gray coverage, just like any permanent color that contains ammonia.

Toning Lightened Hair—Ammonia-Free*

Undeniably, pre-lightened hair is the most fragile of all hair types as it goes through a lot of stress during the process, leaving it vulnerable and prone to breakage. Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo is ammonia-free* and your best toning option after any type of lightening service to treat and color hair gently. With acid technology, it brings back hair to its natural pH balance, improving cuticle sealing for a healthier and shinier look. Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo is an essential product for any blonde client looking to create multi-dimensional and brighter blondes. From gentle fantasy colors to titanium finishes, this ammonia-free* toner offers a solution to any blonde’s request.


Revlon Professional®


Revlon Professional®

What about clients with vibrant copper and rich brown shades?

Glowing coppers, fiery reds, and deliciously chocolatey browns are some of the most sought-after colors and they can too be achieved without ammonia. We

recommend Color Excel By Revlonissimo, an ammonia-free*, tone-on-tone color that delivers reliable, uniform color, and a multi-reflective shine. With a wide palette of intermixable shades, it offers incredible versatility to get the color you want.

These colors are also some of the most high-maintenance due to their rapid fade. Without the proper care, clients can deal with dull, lifeless hair in a matter of weeks. That is why you should always recommend a professional extra care between appointments for your client to maintain their look.

To keep the color as vibrant as ever, you can use Revlon Professional Nutri ColorFilters for a color refresher. With its unique 3-in-1 INSTA-PIC Technology™ you will get direct intense color, care and shine. Its Panthenol nourishes and moisturizes the hair, while Ionic pigments provide vibrant, direct rich color, and the Conditioning system smoothes and seals the hair cuticles.

For further care, Eksperience Color Protection is a good option. This range, which includes a hair cleanser, conditioner, and color-sealing mask, creates a protective barrier to protect hair color for a longer period of time.


Revlon Professional®


Revlon Professional®


Should every salon have ammonia-free* options?

Color, just like every other area of the fashion industry, is constantly evolving. The hype surrounding a specific trend or ingredient can send a surge of clients looking for the latest technology in hair color. Permanent, ammonia-free* color offers your client an alternative to traditional hair dyes. Revlonissimo Color Sublime is the response to the evolution of the beauty industry, giving you a nature-inspired, clean, and vegan permanent hair dye without compromising results. While it may not be a fit for everyone, we recommend having ammonia-free* options at your salon to be able to service any client.

1Coconut and Sunflower oil.

2vs formula without conditioner system.

*Formulated without adding ammonia.