How to Encourage Home Maintenance Routines & Product Purchases from Your Salon

February 12, 2024

As hairstylists, we all know the benefits of professional hair care products. It’s ingrained in us to never use drug store brands. However, these well known products are heavily advertised, and this can sway clients to buy products that are incorrect for their hair type and service needs.

Here at Revlon Professional, we understand that you don’t want to feel ‘pushy’ or like a salesperson. However, if you want your clients’ hair (especially color) to look and feel its best for the long term, then it’s time to realize that those color aprons along with years of experience and knowledge DO authorize you to recommend products. In fact, it is your duty as a hair professional to do so. Keep reading as we provide guidance on how to navigate this!


1. Communicating the Long-Term Benefits

Start by emphasizing the long-term benefits of a consistent home maintenance routine. Educate your clients on how personalized care extends the life and vibrancy of salon services and treatments. Demonstrate the products to your clients and educate them on how at-home care can really impact the health and appearance of their hair. By emphasizing benefits like the ability to refresh color at home with Nutri Color™ Filters, you pave the way for a more dedicated approach to home maintenance when they return to the styling chair.


2. Customized Recommendations for Individual Hair Types

Recognizing the uniqueness of every client’s hair is crucial. Tailoring home care recommendations according to different hair types and textures significantly improves the condition of your clients’ hair and simplifies their styling and care routines at home. These results enhance client satisfaction and provide insight into different product lines catering to various needs, ensuring that your clients continue to invest in products specifically suited to their hair. Therefore, ALWAYS make time for a thorough consultation.

3. Building Trust Through Expert Advice

Building trust through expert advice is not just about offering recommendations; it’s about empowering clients with knowledge and fostering confidence in their ability to maintain salon-quality results at home

Establishing trust with your clients lays the groundwork for long-term commitment to a home maintenance routine, which in turn builds your business. Demonstrating the proper application techniques for recommended products during salon visits is essential. This hands-on approach not only clarifies the correct usage methods but also lets clients experience the transformative effects of quality products firsthand.

These demonstrations also help address uncertainties and foster confidence in at-home care. They play a pivotal role in building confidence in you and your products. Clients leave the salon not only with the right products but also with the knowledge and assurance needed for successful home maintenance.


4. Creating Personalized Home Maintenance Plans

Tailored Home Care Regimes

By setting realistic expectations and discussing timelines for visible improvements, you can guide clients toward achieving optimal results through consistent and effective home maintenance. This commitment to customization strengthens the stylist-client relationship and reinforces the value of professional expertise in hair care

Sit down with your client and create a plan for them. Just be sure to never over promise results and then under deliver! Professional products, no matter how good, will never, for example, fix hair that is extremely damaged by excessive heat. Be honest with your client and give those ends a haircut. Keep it cute with these short hairstyle trends, and then make sure they take home a heat-protecting product.


5. Incentivizing Home Maintenance with Rewards

Loyalty Programs

By introducing loyalty programs that reward clients for consistent home maintenance purchases, salons create a win-win situation. These programs may include enticing offers such as discounts, free products, or exclusive perks for loyal patrons. 

The synergy between consistent home care and loyalty rewards not only benefits clients but your salon too by keeping those clients coming back!

6. Engaging Clients Through Education and Content

Educational Workshops and Events

Have you ever thought about hosting in-salon and online educational sessions to pass on valuable knowledge to your clients? These sessions are not only profitable but will create a sense of community and trust. By actively involving clients in these educational initiatives, salons strengthen their relationship with clients, fostering a deeper connection beyond the salon chair. In addition, the digital landscape offers vast opportunities for engagement. 

Developing online tutorials and guides for at-home maintenance and utilizing social media and the salon’s website to share helpful content establishes a virtual community. Clients become part of a broader conversation, gaining access to continuous support and guidance, making their home care journey more enjoyable and effective.

7. It’s all about the display!

Products are designed to stand out and look pretty for a reason. Advertisers spend £1000’s on packaging and marketing campaigns to make sure that their products are what customers want to purchase so do your bit by displaying them with pride. If in doubt contact your supplier (hi) and ask for a representative to attend your salon so they can recommend the best layout, display units and promotional material so your stock can truly shine.

Once this is complete then also make sure that you keep those levels restocked and dust free! (Yes-That includes the on display color shelves!) No one wants to pick up a product that looks like it’s been unloved. It also sends out the message that this product has been sitting in the salon for a long time which is not what clients want to see.


Products sitting on a shelf aren’t always enough. You also need to recommend a personalized routine during your consultation. During the service, discuss hair care and bring the products over, placing them near eye level for your client. Encourage them to see, smell, and ask questions about the products. Avoid hard selling; let the clients engage in the conversation. Attach a discreet price sticker under each product so clients can easily see the price and decide if it fits their budget.

Speaking of price, make sure that you are pricing the products at a competitive rate. It works well to offer a package of products that can be purchased together, as clients are more inclined to buy gift packs or limited edition items due to the exclusive feel. Never be put off by a client rejecting a sale.

The hair products should always benefit the client. Once you’ve recommended the haircare products to them, your job is completed. A sale is just an added bonus!

For more ways to empower your salon, check out our educational platform, Revlon Pro AlwaysOn, (available for clients only, so click the link to become one). There you can discover professional training on how to develop your business and increase the value of the services you offer. You can also go to our Revlon ProShop to order directly and choose product ranges that suit your business needs.

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