Instagram Marketing: Why It’s Important for Your Salon

September 22, 2022

The importance of word of mouth is fundamental for hair salons to grow. However, it is undeniable that social networks and digital marketing are also very important when it comes to reaching more people and growing your clientele. The social network that is most attractive due to its popularity and simplicity, is Instagram. Therefore it’s worth dedicating time to creating an account or improving your existing one in order to position your salon among the most searched on the Internet.



How Important Is Content Creation in Marketing for Hair Salons? 

Most people use social media almost every day, so positioning yourself is crucial to making your salon a successful business. When it comes to Instagram, people love to see posts that show a color transformation, a classic ‘before and after’, and it is essential to have content that catches the attention of potential customers. In addition to keeping your social networks up to date, here are some key tips you can utilize to keep improving your business.



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Instagram Marketing Strategies for Hairdressers 

Welcome to the world of photography and #hashtags, which help filter information on social networks and make it easier to follow trends.

  • Photography: it is vital to upload attractive photos of your salon and your services to showcase your best work and encourage people to contact you and make an appointment. Use trending hashtags (#balayagecaramelhair, for example) to attract clients to your Instagram account.
  • Promotions: advertising discounts and promotions on your salon’s account is a perfect way to attract more clients. Special discounts around dates such as Christmas or before an important event translate into many visits and future clients that fill your salon.
  • Stories: Instagram Stories are different from regular Instagram posts. They are unedited slices of life that are only available for 24 hours. Stories are among the platform’s most popular features because their tap-friendly and timely nature make them addictive to your followers. They are an opportunity for you to create engaging content that gives you total creative freedom. Use this feature to connect daily with your clientele in a direct way, showing them your latest services in videos or photos.

Let’s not forget that Instagram is a network where all kinds of people are going to see your posts and contact you so always be mindful of responding respectfully to the comments you might get. Every time you reply, there is a chance for growth. Engage with trends in the industry and key players to build or strengthen ties and continue to grow.



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Una publicación compartida de Raquel Saiz (@blue_by_raquelsaiz)

Tips for Your Instagram Account

You might be wondering, how do I start creating my Instagram marketing strategy? Here are some simple steps to get you started!

  • Profile image: it is essential that your profile image is representative of your salon. Whether it is a symbol or a photo of the salon, it should reflect your brand.
  • Username: this will usually be the name of your salon or your own, although if these are  taken, try to be creative and choose a username that catches the users’ attention
  • Contact information: people should know how to contact your salon easily. Information like location, email, and telephone must be visible and accessible.
  • Define yourself: in the description, write something that defines you but is also engaging and makes people want to click on the ‘make an appointment’ button. Remember, less is more!
  • Peers: take a look at other salon accounts to see what their target audience is and differentiate yourself from them.
  • Stories: keep your account up to date and upload images and/or videos of your work daily. The aforementioned ‘before and after’ is something that you can show easily and that everyone likes to see!

Take advantage of the summer to improve your Instagram marketing strategy and grow your clientele. To get some inspiration, check out how, Bernad Hair Salon, grow their business through social networks. And, if you want to continue learning with us, check out our educational platform,  Revlon Pro Always On, (available for clients only, so click below to become one) where you can discover professional training on how to develop your business and increase the value of the services you offer.


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