French Bob vs. Bixie Cut: What’s the Difference?

January 24, 2024

Haircut trends tend to come full circle and sometimes, even as stylists, we get lost with all the different techniques and rebranding of the classics. This article is meant to clarify the difference between the french bob and the bixie! When your client asks you, “what hairstyle suits me?” you can answer with confidence.


Understanding the French Bob Cut

The French bob cut is a classic haircut that is loved by more than just the French! This haircut will look just as good on a runway as it will in a corporate or trendy setting. 

What makes this look stand out is the strategic length, gracefully landing between the chin and shoulders. The mid-length ensures this cut always looks fresh and styled due to the blunter ends and the thickness that provides movement while showcasing precision cutting. The seamlessly blended layers contribute to a polished and sophisticated appearance, making the French bob a favorite worldwide. Customizing the bangs enhances the client’s face shape, maintaining the bold look with a personalized edge.

Educating the client on maintenance and styling tips will empower them to manage their new look between salon visits. Texturizing techniques, such as point cutting and slide cutting will help add the desired tousled texture while maintaining an overall polished appearance.

Understanding the Bixie Cut

In contrast to the French bob, the Bixie haircut has a shorter length, often grazing the ear or upper neck. This choice creates a more compact silhouette, catering to those who prefer a shaggy take on a bob that also has the versatility to be styled in a sleek and defined way. The layering technique is different on the Bixie cut. Layers are mainly focused around the crown and nape area to encourage volume while also creating a choppy, tailored aesthetic. The Bixie haircut can be done with or without bangs but, if present, they tend to be longer and less angular.


French Bob vs. Bixie Haircut: The Main Differences

1. Length and Texture

  • French Bob: The French bob is characterized by its chin-length or slightly longer cut, often with a soft and natural texture. This style effortlessly emanates a chic vibe that can suit all face shapes.
  • Bixie Cut: In contrast, the Bixie can have a range of lengths but typically strikes a balance between the pixie and bob styles. It embraces more texture and layering, resulting in a versatile and edgy look.
  • Both options will look their best if maintained with a haircut every 8-12 weeks.

2. Face Framing

  • French Bob: A key characteristic of the French bob is its focus on framing the face. Delicate layers enhance natural features, making it a flattering choice for those seeking a refined look that’s also relatively low maintenance.
  • Bixie Cut: While the Bixie also considers face shape, it tends to offer more versatility in layering and texture. This allows for both classic and edgier looks, providing a broader spectrum of hair textures and densities.
  • French Bob: Renowned for its simplicity, the French bob is relatively easy to style due to the structured shape of the base. If your client has naturally smooth hair then this look can be relatively low maintenance and can simply be air-dried. However, it can be elevated with a blow dry or minimal styling with a flat iron for a sharper look. If your client has wavy or curly hair, then you can enhance the texture by recommending the Curly Girl Method alongside the RE/START™ CURLS range to help make your client’s curls look defined and nourished.
  • Bixie Cut: Embracing texture, the Bixie offers a more playful and dynamic styling experience. Encourage your clients to get creative with their styling and recommend care and styling products to help them get the best from their hair. 
  • Bixie Cut: Introducing a curtain bang, a money piece color technique, or a pop of fun color to the Bixie cut will further accurate the style’s unique and textured appearance. The nape area can also be encouraged to grow into a cool mullet style, adding an element of edginess.


No matter your client’s choice, don’t forget that creativity is key, so never stop learning! There’s always a way to change up a hairstyle with a personalized color or look, so keep expanding your knowledge and expertise! Check out Revlon Professional’s 24/7 e-learning platform, #RevlonProAlwaysOn (for clients only), and don’t forget that you can order all your pro products on our online shop, Revlon Proshop.


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