Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™


Low commitment, ammonia-free* shimmering tone on tone hair color with acid technology. The best toning option after any type of lightening services to treat and color hair gently, providing glimmers of light.

Thanks to its 4Vol (1,2%), Gloss Energizer it’s perfect for color deposit with no base lift.

Who is it for?

Stylists who:

  • -Want to tone or neutralize their pre-lightening result with a gentle and high- performing range.
  • -Want to perform Gloss services on any hair type

Key benefit

Low commitment deposit-only color with no root effect.

*formulated without adding ammonia.

    • - Milky cream texture
    • - Exceptional neutralization
    • - Not designed to cover gray hair
    • - Improves cuticle sealing
    • - Maximum hair respect
    • - Glossy results
  • Combination of conditioning polymers with high affinity with the hair fiber that help to smooth the hair, providing a silky, soft touch.

    Please note that ingredient may vary from time to time. Refer to the ingredient list on the product package for the most updated list.

  • tech

    The acid technology of Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ respects the natural pH balance of hair, bringing it back to its natural pH after a pre-lightening service and improving cuticle sealing, resulting in color deposit without shifting the natural base.

  • 70 ml
    • Mixing Ratio: Toning& neutralizing: 1:2 Gloss Service: 1 part of color (.02 or .01 or .22) + 1 part of Clear + 2 parts of Gloss Energizer.
    • Application: Dampen hair. At the basin, apply the color mixture with an applicator bottle or a tint brush. When applied after a lightening service, rinse well the pre-lightener mixture, do not shampoo. Towel dry and apply the selected color mixture.
    • Processing time: TONING & NEUTRALIZING: Neutralizing shades: 5-10 min (For Nude Satin .123 leave up to 20 minutes); Ultra-Neutralizing shades: 5-20 min; Trendy shades: 5-20 min. Control visually depending on the intensity of the desired result. GLOSS SERVICE: 10 minutes.
    • Final steps: Gently emulsify, rinse, shampoo and treat with Magnet™ products.
Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™
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