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June 13, 2018

The world of professional hairdressing is dominated by artists who apply their passion, imagination and talent to creating masterpieces.

At Revlon Professional® , we build relationships with our stylists, offering you the tools and training you need to boost your creativity to the fullest and create styles you never thought possible. Style Masters™ is an essential part of this support, a forum in which you can share your art and expertise with like-minded professionals while finding new inspiration and discovering new techniques that help you grow as an artist and reflect the unique personality of each and every one of your clients.

Fruit of the synergies created by this great community that Revlon Professional® has formed with its hairdressers throughout the world, Style Masters™ has decided to relaunch its range to offer you versatile styling products developed not only to give your imagination wings, but also to help preserve your client’s hair color.

Double or Nothing.
Multiply your results with dual-function formulas and demonstrate your incomparable versatility in the salon.

ENDLESS CONTROL ™: a fluid wax for flexible restyling and hair controller.
LISSAVER ™: a temporary straightener and a heat protector spray.
RESET ™: a refreshing dry shampoo and a hair volumizer.
BRIGHTASTIC ™: a styling primer and an anti-frizz shine serum.

The Must-Haves.
Styling essentials for any hair artist.

GLAMOURAMA™: a light formula that provides spectacular shine.
MODULAR™: fast-drying medium hold hairspray that allows the level of hold to be varied depending on the quantity applied.
PHOTO FINISHER™: strong hold hairspray for the most creative looks.
PURE STYLER™: strong hold non-aerosol hairspray.
MODULAR MOUSSE™: a medium hold mousse that adds volume and texture to any hairstyle.

The power to shape your talent.

DEFINING GEL™: a medium hold gel for sculpting structured, shiny looks.
MATT CLAY™: long-lasting strong hold molding wax with a matt finish.
MEMORY SPRAY™: a flexible hold spray that adds body and texture for reworkable styles that can be changed during the day.
FIBER WAX™: strong sculpting fiber wax for 24 hours of hold with a natural finish.

Sophisticated formulas to create a universe of healthy-looking curly looks.

FANATICURLS™: a strong activator that creates perfectly-defined curls even in humid conditions and on high-density hair.
ORBITAL™: a flexible curl activator and moisturizer. Flexible, moisturized curls in free-moving hair with light, natural volume and shine. Repels humidity.

Body-boosting formulas to take your work to new dimensions.

AMPLIFIER MOUSSE™: a fiber mousse that provides body and volume to hair. A soft texture that holds the hairstyle for hours.
ELEVATOR SPRAY™: a directional spray that achieves supreme volume and strong hold at the roots.

Formula that protects and intensifies smooth styles or protects and enhances straight styles.

IRON GUARD™: a protective straightening balm for disciplined, silky hair.


Revlon Professional®

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