Eksperience Booster Dose

February 13, 2019

Discover the innovative Revlon Professional® Eksperience™ Booster Dose System, a range of salon-exclusive treatments that complement the extensive selection of versatile hair care products in the Eksperience™ line.

Four need-specific Booster Dose formulas deliver instant results in personalized hair services that are true to the Eksperience™ philosophy of using freshly mixed products in the salon. Every formula contains specific algae extracts that are combined with the exclusive Aquamaris Complex, a blend of sea spring water that is rich in trace elements and marine ingredients that are essential for hair health and wellness. When mixed with the moisturizing and conditioning Eksperience™ Universal Gel Base, they act as boosters in a luxurious, creamy blend that transforms the hair service into a personalized ritual that engages all the senses.

Color Shine
The Eksperience™ Color Shine Booster Dose enhances shine and protects color for longer. It also moisturizes the hair and leaves it soft and easy to comb.

Anti Frizz
The Eksperience™ Anti Frizz Booster Dose has been developed to provide the control that curly and frizzy hair need. It enhances shine by creating a film on the hair fiber that helps to prevent dehydration and smooths and disciplines even the most rebellious hair.

The Eksperience™ Strengthening Booster Dose reinforces, lubricates and protects the hair surface, improving resistance to breakage and reducing split ends. It moisturizes, revitalizes and reconstructs weakened hair, leaving it soft and easy to comb.

The Eksperience™ Volumizing Booster Dose provides fine hair with volume and body without adding weight. It boosts shine and leaves hair moisturized, soft and easy to comb.

Eksperience™ Universal Gel Base
The specific emulsifiers and conditioning agents in this transparent gel create a luxurious, rich cream-gel emulsion when mixed with the required Booster Dose immediately before the service. Use this powerful blend to provide your client with a unique hair experience that engages the senses.
Revlon Professional®

The results of every professional hair Eksperience™ can be maintained at home with the range of multi-tasking Eksperience™ treatments. Every formula plays a distinctive role in resolving specific hair and scalp issues in personalized hair beauty rituals inspired by power of the sea, science, and the senses.

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