Cowgirl Copper: The Hair Color Everyone Wants in 2024

April 3, 2024

In 2024, cowgirl copper has become a major color trend that your clients will be requesting! As stylists, we may raise an eyebrow at the continuous new names that social media have sprung on us but, remember, these trends lead to a boost in colors booked

What exactly is the cowgirl copper hair and why has it become a thing? This radiant tone is inspired by the rugged charm of the American West, infusing warmth and personality into every strand. More than just a change in hair color, cowgirl copper represents a lifestyle that embodies independence, empowerment, and boldness that manifests as a blend between copper and a rich ginger brown.

If you love this color blend, recreate the stunning look by pre-lightening some balayage pieces using Magnet™ then mix up our very own Cowgirl Copper formula that uses Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Dark Copper Blonde 6.4, Dark Copper Red Blonde 6.46 and .. a few more shades with a bespoke blend that you can find on our Cowgirl Copper course. You are welcome!


Why Cowgirl Copper Is a Hit

Cowgirl copper has soared in popularity due to several key factors:

  1. Versatility: Regardless of whether you’re a city slicker or a country enthusiast, cowgirl copper complements virtually every skin tone, texture and personality. Its warm undertones are extremely flattering and can be beautifully blended from the roots (just like the beautiful look below with Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ 7.44 + 3%.) into lots of color techniques like Balayage or Sombré for added movement. This color is accessible to anyone looking to make a statement or add some subtle warmth.


  • 2. Low Maintenance Appeal: Unlike high-maintenance hair colors, cowgirl copper is the perfect balance between vibrancy and easy upkeep. Its copper undertones will start to fade and blend seamlessly with naturally darker bases (6 and below), reducing the need for frequent salon visits and allowing for a more relaxed maintenance routine.
  • 3. Celebrity Influence: When a trend emerges, like cowgirl copper, it finds its way from influential figures in the entertainment industry—ranging from Hollywood actresses to social media influencers—to everyday clients, who are eager to replicate the iconic looks of their favorite stars.

Finding the Perfect Match for Cowgirl Copper

Discovering the ideal hairstyle to compliment your client’s cowgirl copper color will help create a bespoke look just for them while also maximizing its impact. Here are some combos to consider:

  1. Pairing cowgirl copper with a short bob: Opt for a sleek and modern look by combining cowgirl copper with a chic super short bob. The smoothness will really accentuate the color’s fiery tones while adding an element of edge. To soften the look, consider incorporating subtle layers for added dimension and to encourage movement.
  2. Cowgirl copper and chic open bangs: Frame the face by experimenting with different bang styles, such as curtain bangs or side-swept bangs, to find the perfect match for your client’s face shape.
  3. Elevate cowgirl copper with a modern shullet cut: Give your client’s cowgirl copper hair with a contemporary edge by opting for a modern shullet cut. This dynamic hairstyle adds texture and movement, enhancing the color’s depth and dimension for a fun and powerful look. Really embrace those tousled layers and choppy ends to achieve a relaxed yet stylish aesthetic.
  4. Cowgirl copper and curly hair: Embrace your client’s natural curls and enhance them with the radiant glow of cowgirl copper. This pairing combines the color’s warmth with playful texture for a look that’s both sexy and carefree. Experiment with lengths and then style with our UniqOne™ Curly Hair Treatment to find the perfect balance between definition and volume.
  5. Cowgirl copper and money piece: Elevate your client’s cowgirl copper hair with a trendy money-piece, adding bold highlights around the face to illuminate your client’s features and draw attention to the rich tones. This fun combination creates a bold statement that allows for greater customization so that you can perfectly match your client’s individual style and preferences.

Preserving the Cowgirl Copper Look at Home 

Maintaining your client’s cowgirl copper hair color is key to preserving its vibrancy and shine. Always recommend that your clients invest in high-quality hair care such as the RE/START™ Color Protective Micellar Shampoo, which is specifically formulated for colored hair. Additionally, schedule regular color touch-up appointments with your client to keep their cowgirl copper color looking fresh. Lastly, don’t forget those Nutri Color™ Filters! We recommend a mix of 740 Light Color with equal measure of 642 Chestnut for a perfect cowgirl copper mix. However, you can create a customized mix at home or in the salon by using our wide range of semi-permanent tones to ensure flawless color from roots to tips between visits.


As always it’s essential to recommend every client to protect their hair from environmental stressors by using RE/START Balayage Hair Care Cream. This product not only strengthens and restores the hair inner bonds but also fortifies the fiber to prevent breakage, providing 96% stronger hair. It shields the hair against external aggressors, prevents color fading, and offers up to 230°c heat protection. It also revives the hair fiber, nourishing and sealing the cuticles. Finally, it equalizes porosity for bright, silky hair

With proper care and attention, your client’s cowgirl copper look will continue to turn heads until their next salon appointment!

To join our growing hairdressing community and gain access to our exclusive cowboy copper course that will teach you how to recreate this on trend look, simply head to educational platform #AlwaysOn. (clients only, so click the link to sign up and become one!). You can also visit our Revlon ProShop to order directly and stock up on all our products.


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