RE/START BALAYAGE CARE CREAM: The Only Product Made Specifically for Balayage Hair

March 25, 2024

Balayage is still trending into 2024 and (thankfully) it’s not something that is going away! We love the dimensional effect and unlimited options that the Balayage color technique brings; however, it is still a technical service and, with that, it has some downsides.

That’s why here at Revlon Professional®, we have been working behind the scenes with our product pros to launch and develop a highly effective leave-in formula that will take your Balayage to the next level

Our RE/START Color Balayage Care Cream is full of ingredients that elevate professional Balayage not only by strengthening, shielding, and reviving Balayage hair but also by ensuring that your client’s Balayage looks stunning until their next service!

We know that Balayage is relatively low maintenance, however, the color and condition of your clients hair can suffer in between services. 

Clients also tend to neglect their haircuts and hair care due to the idea that their color, including that much sought-after soft Balayage blend, is still looking top-notch.

After leaving the salon, Balayage hair is immediately exposed to several external aggressors that can lead to color fading, hair breaking, dryness, and brassiness. 

best hair products for balayage

Brassiness can even damage the inner and outer structure of the hair. This is not good news for clients that want to show off that vibrant look! The innovative Re/Start Balayage Care Cream is crafted with cutting-edge Oxi Guard 2.0™ technology and a potent blend of ingredients, including rebonding molecule, Phyto protein, and Camellia oil. This formula works from the inside out to strengthen, shield, and revive your hair. 

Say goodbye to dullness and brassiness, and hello to natural shine and elasticity that lasts until your next salon appointment! With just one application, this lightweight vegan formula provides comprehensive color protection, heat defense (up to 230°C), and shields against UVB and UVA damage. It’s not merely about preserving your color; it’s about fortifying your hair against external elements. while experiencing the additional benefits such as:

  • Hair that is 8x softer.
  • Hair that is 96% stronger, courtesy of restored inner bonds and fortified fibers.
  • 14x smoother for better shine.
  • After 1 use, hair is 4 times more hydrated, resulting in enduring silky smoothness.
  • Even up to 6 weeks after coloring 90% of color brightness is preserved. 

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