The New Vegan Color Excel Gloss: Go Further With Your Acidic Color

October 2, 2023

Are you ready to take your hair coloring game to the next level and deliver the most glowing shine yet? Look no further than Color Excel™.

This Ammonia-free** vegan cream is already a much trendy color range. However, it has been revamped to leave your clients’ hair in better condition and to speed up coloring time! Read on to discover more benefits that will help cut your color service time and empower your salon.

Treat, Color, and Shine in Half the Time*

That’s the promise of the new Color Excel Gloss™ Acidic Gloss Treatment toners, and it delivers! Compared to leading acidic hair color brands, it slashes your processing time in half. You’ll get stunning results in a fraction of the time, making it a game-changer for both stylists and clients.

But it’s not only about speed but also about performance. Color Excel Gloss™ works wonders from the very first application, reversing damage and recovering the hair’s natural condition.

Glow in system color excel

Patent Pending Technology

Behind Color Excel Gloss™‘s incomparable care, color, and shine is the GLOWin SYSTEM™. This patent pending technology reverses damage from chemical processes and rebuilds structure to recover natural hair quality. This is delivered by a three part process otherwise known as Prime, Deposit, and Seal. The protein filler peptides replenish proteins in the hair fiber. They rebuild structure and restore strength for a reparative effect. This primes the hair for uniform color deposit, excellent pigment retention, and optimal light reflection.

The  Chroma Light Spheres deposit high-reflective pigments 1,000 times smaller than the hair fiber for optimal pigment diffusion within the hair structure. They create a glow-from-within effect and the cuticle lock seals it in for a surface-smoothing finish that produces maximum light reflection.

The result? Incomparable care, color and shine for stronger, healthier looking color that glows from within.

color excel

Non-Alcohol Formula

Wondering about the formula’s ingredients? Rest assured that Color Excel Gloss™ has always been a non-alcohol based formula. Our lipid-rich base avoids alcohol and provides care that only our cream can deliver. Relying on just a tiny fraction (less than 0.2%) of isopropyl alcohol as an excipient of a conditioning ingredient. Although the word “alcohol” is used to describe both compounds, their structures and functions are different. Texturing agents like cetearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol are simply in the molecular form of an alcohol and are part of the lipid-rich base used to help form a fatty emulsion in the cream. Unlike aggressive alcohol solvents that can be harsh on the hair, fatty alcohols are mild ingredients that provide beneficial effects for hair care rather than causing damage.

Low Alkalinity and High Performance

How long can you expect Color Excel Gloss™ to last? The high performance, vibrant, low alkalinity color results last for up to 10 washes. The new GLOWin SYSTEM™ ensures that the hair is capable of retaining more color pigment while also offering 2X less breakage (vs. leading liquid technology), 4X more shine, and 6X smoother hair (compared to bleaching). It also gives an incredible shine that can extend for 8 weeks! However, remember that the lasting power may vary depending on the hair’s level, tone, and condition.

Endless Gloss Services in Half the Time

One standout feature of Color Excel Gloss™ is its recommended development time of just 10 minutes. Compare that to other leading acidic coloration brands that suggest a 20-minute wait and you can deliver unbeatable care, color and shine in half the time. With a quicker color service and less oxidation time, you can quickly get great results without compromising performance and get to your next client sooner

color excel

31 Shades

With the new 31 shade palette, Color Excel Gloss™ can be used for a wide range of in-salon services. Whether you’re toning, neutralizing, or experimenting with dimensional services such as shadow roots, color melts, or lowlights, Color Excel Gloss™ offers endless creative possibilities. It even serves as an acidic color refresh for Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ and Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ .

If you are ready to experience a vibrant universe of high-performance color then head to our educational platform, #AlwaysOn (for salon professionals only). Check it out and get 24/7 access to color trends and pro tips to elevate your business and unlock your creative potential. You can also shop online for your favorite pro products at Revlon ProShop.

*Compared to leading acidic coloration brands


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