Navigate the New Color Excel Gloss Palette: More Shades, More Levels

October 16, 2023

We know that you already love our acidic color option but did you know that we have relaunched Color Excel with new patent pending technology? We’ve also added brand new shades so you can protect the hair condition throughout the coloring process and recover its natural condition from the first  application! If you haven’t used our caring cream before then you are missing out! Color Excel Gloss™ is your best toning option after any type of lightening service to gently treat color and hair. Read on to discover the full benefits.

Color Excel Gloss from Revlon Professional

Accurate Level 10 to 5 Acidic Color Calibration for True-to-Tone Results

It’s time to go further and discover Color Excels Gloss™’s 31 true-to-tone acidic shimmering tones! Each is perfectly calibrated from level 10 to 5

in 5 color families and a clear mixing shade. Our color will give you and your clients the chance to discover endless glossing possibilities between cool, golden, brunette, copper, and red shades, not to mention those in between! With our new acidic treatment tones you can treat, color, and add shine in half the time compared to leading acidic coloration brands. 

Our innovative technology allows you to glaze, tone, correct, refresh, enhance, and neutralize the hair with a process time of just 10 minutes so you have more time for you and your clients. This time can be spent building your business with more services, education, or perhaps for a moment of zen! No matter what you do, you can be sure that with more shades, levels, and services your quality has not been compromised. In fact, your Color Gloss™ services are about to glow like never before! Powered by patent pending GlowIn System™ Technology, our treatment color formula not only primes, deposits, and seals for maximum light reflection but also reverses damage and recovers hair’s natural condition from the first application.  

This line will allow you to refill and repair the protein structures to prime the hair for optimal color deposit and seal the cuticle to lock in color retention. This results in up to 4X more shine vs. bleached hair, 6X smoother hair, 2X less breakage (vs. leading liquid technology) and up to 8 weeks of shine. Not bad for just 10 minutes of processing!

Color Excel

Expanded Palette for Endless Glossing Services 

We’re sure you agree that the shades are versatile and stunning but what else can they do? Let’s get technical. The  acidic technology in Color Excel Gloss™ offers a damage reversing, no lift, no compromise promise. This is because the acidic technology respects the natural pH balance of the hair and restores it after a technical service. It also improves cuticle sealing. The low alkalinity makes our caring formula perfect for endless glossing services such as:

  • Toning: Cool brunettes (Level 5) right through to cool, medium, dark, warm, light, and dark blondes (Levels 6-10). 
  • Neutralizing: Cool brunettes ( Level ) through to light, medium, and dark blondes (levels 6-10).
  • Color refreshing: Cool brunettes (level 5) through to light, medium, and dark blondes (levels 6-10).
  • Adding dimension: By shadow roots, color melts, and low lights.
  • Glossing: With a clear glossing treatment.
  • Blending grays: Beautifying and blending grays with four specific shades that can blend in up to 70%. 
  • Color recovery: To darken natural beauty.
  • Natural hair: Enhancing natural hair.

You can also use Color Excel Gloss™ after any Magnet Blondes service to treat the hair. It can bring back the hair’s natural pH, reverse damage caused by oxidation, and return the hair to its natural condition. 

These benefits are powered by the high performance color. The application is also made easy due to the perfect texture that can be applied in bottles or a bowl. You can feel and see the difference made by the creamy lipid rich cushion that protects hair condition throughout the coloring process.

Ready for the most glowing color yet? Then it’s time to order! We can’t wait for you to test our Color Excel Gloss™ treatment for yourself and experience the incomparable care after a single application. To shop directly, head to our Revlon ProShop (for clients only, so click the link to leave your contact details and become one!).  For more color trends and pro tips, you can access our educational platform, #AlwaysOn (for salon professionals only).


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