Mastering the Art of Chocolate Brown Hair: Techniques and Tips for Hair Professionals

March 5, 2024

Everyone knows that chocolate brown hair is one of the most popular colors around! It’s a sophisticated choice that complements a wide range of skin tones and styles and can also be adapted for both warm and cool undertones. No wonder it’s a favorite among clients! But to bring it bang on trend in 2024, it’s time to step away from the one-shade global coloring technique (although it can be stunning—we agree) and give it a contemporary twist!



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Current Trends in Chocolate Brown Hair 

When it comes to chocolate brown hair color, the ultimate trend is achieving the most glowing shine yet! As client preferences evolve, so do trends, techniques, and varieties of chocolate brown hair color. This is good news for hairstylists because it means clients are returning to the salon to update their classic global shades to new chocolate tones that incorporate a mixture of tones alongside modern variations like Balayage or ombre. Our tone-on-tone color demi duos have also been upgraded with a new generation of professional, ultra-performing GLOWin SYSTEM™ technology. This technology not only prevents chocolate brown hair color from looking flat but also refills and repairs the protein structure to prime hair for optimal color. It deposits and seals the cuticle to lock in color retention. This exclusive combination brings out the rich warm tones and focuses on dimension, showcasing that glossy chocolate brown  color’s lasting glow.



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Selecting the Ideal Chocolate Brown Shade for Different Skin Tones

Determining your client’s skin undertones is essential for achieving the most flattering chocolate brown shade. Use your Revlon Professional® color charts to hold swatches against your client’s face, observing whether they lean towards warm, cool, or neutral undertones. Select a tone and shade that enhances their natural features. For cool skin tones, consider 4.15 Medium Ash Mahogany Brown from Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™, while warmer complexions may benefit from 5.35 Light Golden Mahogany Brown from Revlonissimo Color Sublime™, which has a blend of gold and red tones.

Complement Eye Color and Personal Style.

We all know that dark hair can enhance a client’s eye color! Opting for chocolate brown can make features stand out beautifully. To avoid a flat look, consider using multiple shades. Lightening the color by one shade around the face can frame it and add interest and dimension.

Creative Variations: Balayage, Ombre, and Highlights

Exploring creative applications of chocolate brown through techniques like Balayage, ombre, and highlights offers exciting possibilities. Present various pictures and examples of each technique to your client, tailoring advice based on their preferences. As a stylist, feel empowered to play with tones and colors and to offer personalized and unique outcomes with confidence.

For the perfect personalized chocolate brown hair color, mastering the art goes beyond application techniques. It involves understanding trends, selecting the right shade, and creatively adapting to individual clients preferences. Here is a step-by-step guide for a seamless coloring process:

1. Client Consultation

  • Begin with a thorough consultation to understand your client’s desired outcome.
  • Discuss your clients current hair condition, any previous color treatments, and tailor the chocolate brown shade accordingly.
  • No matter the shade, if your client has colored hair (except Nutri Color™ Filters) then they will require a skin test. Check the guidelines for the color and then perform it accordingly. If you are opting for a Balayage with a chocolate brown base, you may also want to pre-color or lighten the sections first to help you achieve the overall look and then apply the chosen chocolate brown shade!

2. Selecting the Right Products

  • Choose high-quality professional hair color products like Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Permanent Hair Color BRUNETTES. It offers up to 100% gray coverage and precise color deposit for a visible, sophisticated, true-to-tone augmented color result. Alternatively, consider Color Excel for alkaline and acidic colorations that provide exceptional gloss and improve the hair’s overall appearance.
  • Make sure you recommend specific products that will prevent the color from fading! All colors do this but using a color range such as RE/START™ Color range will slow down this process and keep the color looking vibrant longer. 

3. Preparing the Hair



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4. Sectioning the Hair

  • Divide the hair into manageable sections using clips or ties. This helps ensure thorough coverage and allows for a systematic application process.

5. Blending and Application

  • Begin applying the chocolate brown color starting from the roots, use a brush or applicator for precise application. Work through each section methodically.
  • Blend the color and make sure there are no harsh lines between the colored and uncolored sections.
  • Separate the different tones to ensure the colors remain as true to tone as possible. This can be achieved by keeping the pre-lightened sections separate with foils or Balayage. Alternatively, choose a different color while applying your chocolate brown shade and clean your hands (with gloves on) between each color used. This technique is particularly effective in achieving a rich, multi-dimensional chocolate brown.

6. Processing Time

  • Follow the recommended processing time for the chosen hair color product. Keep in mind that different color families will have varying processing times, so refer to the product instructions.

7. Rinsing and Conditioning

  • Thoroughly rinse the hair until the water runs clear. Then, depending on your chosen product, shampoo that color out and apply a nourishing conditioner such as The Orofluido™ Radiance Conditioner infused with argan oil. This is a softening conditioner that moisturizes and smooths the hair. It helps restore its beauty and leaves it delicately scented with our signature fragrance. 
  • Avoid common pitfalls by being attentive during application to prevent uneven results. We’re all human, and mistakes happen so recheck the client’s color once finished. Address any unexpected color outcomes promptly with corrective measures (if necessary).

8. Post-Color Care

  • Provide your client with aftercare instructions, including recommendations for care and styling products that will protect their chocolate brown shade and keep it glossy.
  • Advise your clients on regular touch-ups and at-home maintenance using Nutri Color™ Filters to keep their chocolate brown color vibrant and long-lasting! Experiment with these ultra-luminous tones, which can be intermixed to warm up the shade while keeping unwanted red tones at bay. Try shades 5.12 Pearly and 5.13 Golden mixed with a dot of 642 Chestnut to neutralize unwanted warmth and eliminate brassiness for a cooler color refresh. This combination also intensifies the richness and saturation of your client’s chocolate brown color. Follow these professional tips to achieve a rich and decadent chocolate brown color that your clients will adore!

chocolate brown hair color

Now that you know the best techniques to care for chocolate brown hair, it’s time to continue learning with us! Take a look at our 24/7 online educational platform, Revlon Pro Always On. To purchase all of our products, you can access our platform, Revlon ProShop.