February 2, 2024

As hairstyling professionals, we must always be aware of the latest trends, but also know how and when to create the perfect highlight or balayage for each person. One key moment is when you want to lighten brown or dark hair. It’s common to have doubts about whether it will look good because this is typically done on lighter, blond hair, where these highlights do not contrast so much. But let’s eliminate taboos on this subject once and for all! Brunettes can wear blonde highlights. We just have to know how to choose the right shades for each hair type and color.



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Why Are Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair So Popular?

Highlights bring light and vibrancy to the mane. We love multidimensional hair and it’s a trend you see everywhere and with all hair types. To achieve this, let’s take a look at three of the most commonly used techniques that will enhance brunette hair in a natural looking way.


These are the finest and most natural looking highlights. They are made by taking very small sections of hair from the roots to the ends and using foils to apply the bleach or dye. In order not to raise the shade too much, use Magnet™ Blondes Oil Developer at low volumes. Babylights are one or two shades above the base compared to classic highlights. They are ideal for brown hair where you want to give more dimension but avoid very strong contrasts. You should take care of them with Re/start™ Color Anti-Brassiness Purple Drops mixed in the mask or shampoo to make the color shiny.


Air Touch Highlights 

This is a new technique to lighten brown hair in a natural, low-maintenance way, which uses air from a blow dryer. You take the sections of hair that you want to lighten and pull them tightly towards the end of the strand. Then blow-dry (with cold air) the shortest hairs of each section and apply the bleach Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Powder 7. Ammonia-Free* at 10 volumes on the remaining hair (of the same length). When the necessary time has elapsed, you should use a shade that is one or two shades higher than the base so that the result is harmonious. Tip: this is a laborious process but with spectacular results.


Since the seventies, stylists have opted to use balayage for brown hair. Balayage is all about sweeping the color through sections of hair, giving more importance to the face framing area and the crown of the head. It’s versatile and has as many possibilities as there are stylists with ingenuity in the world. For example, lighten only the nape of the neck and side sections, so that when the hair is pulled back, it creates a luminous and dimensional effect. Don’t forget that for brunettes, the color should only be one or two shades above their base so that the effect is natural looking. We advise using Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Soft Lightener Cream.



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Celebrity Inspiration

Celebrities with brunette manes have taken up this trend that naturally enhances their look. Hailey Bieber softly lightens her tresses with neutral-toned babylights. Then there’s Winnie Harllow whose fabulous curly hair delights us with a balayage so subtle that it looks like her hair has been kissed by the sun. And if you want a more dramatic look, see how Selena Gomez elevates her color with highlights that look luminous yet natural.

Brown hair with natural blonde highlights (and the invaluable help of the MAGNET range) is a trend where professional hairdressers can really work their magic and turn dull hair into a macro trend this season.

Stop by and learn more about how to nourish and shade the colors of your creations and learn with us on our #AlwaysOn educational platform. If you want to start recreating these shades, don’t hesitate to enter the Revlon Pro Shop where you can find our full range of products for all hair types. Don’t wait any longer to start giving light to your clients’ brown hair!


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