Style Masters Modular Mousse: Same formula, upgraded pump for a more efficient application

May 30, 2022

In keeping with the power of creativity that Revlon Professional® so strongly advocates, and because we believe that small changes can add significant value and make a difference, we have upgraded one of our most popular products. Check out the new foaming pump of the Style Masters™ Must-Haves Modular Mousse™, specially designed for easier application by professional hair stylists. Experience the superb performance of the same formula you love in an innovative and attractive packaging to continue providing your clients with flawless results and maximum hair care. Apply as usual by squeezing a walnut-size amount of the styling mousse into your hands and distributing it evenly from roots to ends through damp hair for up to 8-hour medium hold and a silky feel.

Top-selling styling mousse because of its superior hair care results

Revlon Professional®

Modular Mousse™ is one of the top-selling products of the Revlon Professional® Style Masters™ Must-Haves range because of its high versatility and capacity to recreate the trendiest and boldest looks of the season with superior hair care results. It doesn’t matter if you’re an apprentice or a professional hairdresser, this high-quality styling mousse is an absolute salon essential. It’s specially created formula adds volume and texture while offering heat protection and helping to preserve color for a perfect balance between healthy looks and current hair trends; its medium hold formula results in healthy hair with natural movement. Make your clients feel special by pampering their hair and offering them a unique experience with this styling mousse’s high-performing residue-free formula.

Professionally oriented hairstyling product

Revlon Professional®

Modular Mousse™ is part of the Style Masters™ versatile range of professional styling products that have been specially formulated for in-salon hair care. Whether you want to give your client a classic haircut or let your imagination run wild, this styling mousse is a must-have for the everyday requirements of any professional hairdresser. Perfect for creating any hairstyle, make the most of combining the high-performing formulas provided by these hairstyling products to maximize your talent and discover a world of endless styling possibilities. Give your salon a reputation and don’t forget to remind your clients that the entire Style Masters™ range of products can be also used at home as part of their hair care routine to keep the look for longer and help preserve the color work of the hair artist. Using the Revlon Professional® Style Masters™ Must-Haves range is no doubt one of the best choices to keep growing as a professional.

Recreate the trendiest looks this season with volumizing mousse

Revlon Professional®

The endless selection of hairdressing products offered by the fashion and beauty industry today makes these glorious times for hair professionals. Make a lasting impression and effortlessly attract new clients to your hair salon by creating the most sought-after looks with a long-lasting professional finish. Keep up to date on hairstyling techniques and use Style Masters™ Modular Mousse™ as one of the main products to create the latest hairstyles and revolutionizing looks. Being skilled at how to apply hair mousse to shape wavy hair this season is a must. If your client is daring enough, your expertise is key to achieve the perfect blend of products to shape and create an unforgettable and awe-inspiring look.  Expand your creativity with fast-to-create bobs, mullets, pixies or waves, and visit our E-learning platform #REVLONPROALWAYSON to make sure you don’t miss the step-by-step instructions to style some of the latest and trendiest looks. Because testing your limits is one of the secrets to success in any hair artist’s career, why not push them a little further?

Take a quick glance at your salon’s shelves and don’t forget to include Style Masters™ Modular Mousse™ among your cocktail of essential products to show off your skills and enhance your hair salon services.  Find the whole range of Style Masters™ products at #REVLONPROSHOP and visit our E-learning platform #REVLONPROALWAYSON to keep up to date with the latest hairdressing trends and hairstyling tips and learn about the most suitable product combinations for flawless and professional-looking results. With Revlon Professional®, the days of dull hair and boring looks are over.

Unleash your creativity and achieve the look.

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