7 Hair Color Trends to Master in 2022

February 22, 2022

As hairdressing professionals, we are constantly learning and reinventing ourselves with the latest new hair color trends and techniques. And the beginning of a new year is always the perfect time to explore new ways to refresh your knowledge and refine your services. What techniques have you not yet fully mastered, and what are your clients most likely to ask for in the new year?

To help you answer these questions and stay one step ahead of the game, we’re sharing our list of 2022’s top hair color trends that are likely to dominate in the new year. Get ready to impress your salon and clientele with your expertise on these up-and-coming new color techniques!



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Which Hair Color Techniques Should I Master in 2022?

If you really want to be prepared for 2022, it’s safe to say that brushing up on your lightening techniques is always a good idea. Whether it’s classic highlights or an elegant ombré, lightening techniques never go out of style. And this will be no different in 2022! We suggest focusing on ways that you can take your lightening techniques to new levels, such as finding new ways to create subtlety, dimension, volume, and plenty of natural movement to the hair.

For many clients, the winter season is a time to let their hair grow out after a shorter summer cut, and lightening techniques are the perfect way to help complement that growth. Here are our seven trendy hair coloring ideas for 2022 to help get you started.

1. Babylights

One of the trendy hair color techniques that we will definitely see more of in 2022 is babylights. Babylights create very soft, subtle, and natural-looking highlights that will always be on-trend. This style is created by adding extremely fine highlights that are typically one or two shades lighter than the base you are working with (either natural or dyed). The perfect product to help you achieve a perfectly soft, harmonious blend is Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Soft Lightener Cream—our low-lift ammonia-free* hair lightener that lightens without bringing out warm reflections.

2. Ombré

We’re sure you won’t be surprised by the news that the ultra-trendy ombré is here to stay in 2022. Still shining as one of the brightest stars of the hair lightening world, the ombré is a stylish, low-maintenance, but glamorous look fit for a queen. In 2022, the world will be ready for some exciting new takes on the traditional ombré—so get ready to bring out your utmost creativity!

For example, you can try creating a caramel or pumpkin-toned ombré to bring more warmth to your client’s face. For an even more flattering and unique twist on this style, you can also add the “money piece” (also known as face-framing highlights) to the front strands to help frame the face and highlight your client’s best features.

3. Sombré

For your clients who love the ombré look but desire a more subtle effect, 2022 has a special treat in store: the “sombré” (or the “soft ombré”). Much more subdued than the classic ombré look, the sombré creates a very soft color transition from roots to tips, resulting in a less obvious transition between the two color shades. This technique can be achieved by sectioning off the top part of the hair in the shape of a star, and then applying a small amount of Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Soft Lightener Cream with your hands on previously backcombed hair. The sombré will serve as the perfect example of a highly-desired, natural, and elegant look in 2022.



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4. Rich, Deep Browns

Darker shades are definitely back in 2022, and it’s your job as a colorist to find the perfect deep, rich shades to beautifully complement your client’s skin tone and eye color. The next year will be all about embracing those deep brown shades, without sacrificing depth or dimension. For example, if the person you’re working on has ombré-like roots, try coating their hair in a brown shade to give it more dimension and a lot of light. This will give the tips only a slightly lighter touch and create a gorgeous final look. To embrace this deep brown trend from scratch, you can try creating a slightly lower gradient with the ombré technique beforehand, and then go back in using the technique mentioned earlier in this section.

5. Warm Blonde Highlights

Because blonde is just one of those colors that will never go out of fashion, it’s time to explore one of this color’s most sophisticated shades in 2022: the warm-toned blonde. To perfect the warm blonde trend, simply apply Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Powder 7 using classic highlights with foils to mark each section of the hair, making them a little thicker than your strategically-placed babylights. This will allow you to create a stunning contrast with the client’s color and create a gorgeous final look.

6. Bronde Balayage

The balayage technique will definitely still be around in 2022, as will a clear trend towards warm-toned colors. That’s why the “bronde“ look (a mix between blonde and brown) will create the ultimate trendy look for the new year. To achieve an unforgettable bronde balayage, you’ll want to mix two different shades (or sometimes even three!) using a balayage technique. The use of multiple shades will help create that beautiful dimension and sun-kissed look that makes this style so popular. On natural level 5 hair, apply Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Powder 9 followed by shade 1232 from Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Intense Blonde on alternate sections to give the hair life and light of its own.



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7. Metallic Colors

The new year always invites new innovation in hair color and this look is perfect for those dreaming of an explosion of color and fantasy. Get ready to dazzle your clients with the daring, ground-breaking trend known as metallic hair. Once your clients see how these beautifully iridescent, bright tones shine and capture different undertones in varying lighting, they will all want to try this look! Some of the most popular metallic colors will include silver, bronze, pink gold, and platinum.

Dare to combine several shades of metallic colors in 2022 by alternating sections using the classic foil technique and the balayage technique. When removed, apply the chosen metallic-inspired colors to the sections you have created for flawless dimension.



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*Formulated without adding ammonia