Pro You – it’s all about results.

At Revlon Professional®, we believe that beauty and care go hand in hand. Pro You™ is a line of care and styling products that was developed to enhance the essence of every woman’s hair, providing the natural balance, strength and shine it needs in specialist formulas that deliver beautiful, professional results.

Pro You™ allows hairdressers to offer their clients impeccable performance in convenient salon sizes, and the entire range is available in practical retail formats for you to continue your care regime at home and enjoy the salon results for longer. With a variety of products for every hair type, Pro You™ offers need-specific haircare and styling formulas with a variety of luxurious fragrances based on fruity, green, floral, citrus or warm notes.

Pro You™ Care:

Repair: damaged or mistreated hair
This range has been formulated with ingredients that help to repair and protect the hair fiber against external aggressions, leaving it shiny, supple and manageable.

Color: colored, bleached or highlighted hair
Helps colored hair to recover its original beauty, resulting in radiant hair that is protected against external aggressors.

White Hair: gray or white hair
Helps to brighten and invigorate white and gray hair and neutralize any unwanted yellow tones.

Nutritive: dry, dehydrated hair
Formulated with ingredients that help to restore the hair’s natural moisture levels, strength, vitality and shine.

Purifying: greasy hair
Detoxifying balancing shampoo that helps to reduce excess scalp sebum and leave the hair clean, light and easy to style.

Anti-Hair Loss
Specifically formulated to help strengthen and revitalize the hair and boost healthy, vigorous growth.

Contains ingredients that help to eliminate flaking and prevent the reappearance of dandruff without damaging the scalp.

Pro You™ Styling:

Sprays and mousses that allow you to structure and destructure the style without limits.

Formulas for frizz-free volume and lightness.

Styling fluids for smooth, straight hair, curls or volume, depending on your mood.

The secret to instant shine and a soft, silky touch.


Don’t miss out on the professional haircare results you deserve.
Ask your hairdresser just what Pro You™ can do for you.