Going the extra mile. The booster effect of premium services.

In an increasingly digital world, our physical connections are often what makes our lives unique and interesting. More than a transaction, the relationship between hairdresser and client is of a shared interest: revealing authentic personality. And like all relationships, it requires nurture and time. In a salon, the client relies on the hairdresser to feed the conversation with relevant innovations and services.

Services are what will make the in-salon experience truly unique. That’s where hairdressers’ people skills do wonders: explaining how tailored the experience is, how it contributes to the result hairdresser and client both want to achieve and how it will improve the quality of the fiber. In other words, making the salon experience unique.
And in-between visits, the experience continues with the home range, creating a link.

In the scope of services Revlon Professional® offers, Magnet™ is a range that meets a contemporary and pressing concern of clients: pollution. It allows hairdressers to answer to their questions with products that don’t take away from the current and established routines and rituals, but add value, care and relevancy to the process. It also legitimizes the hairdressers as experts of everything about hair, from color to care. This exclusive Revlon Professional® range is a new source for stronger relations and loyalty.