Beautiful, healthy blondes.

Flawless blond is the hair color most coveted by women all over the world, but is one of the most delicate in-salon services due to the risk it can pose to hair health. 43% of color clients want to go blonde, but are not prepared to compromise on natural-looking, shiny, healthy hair.

Blonderful™ is a game-changer. This latest innovation in Revlon Professional® lightening products is the first on the market to be formulated with PLEXFORCE INSIDE™, an innovative technology that helps to protect and maintain the hair’s structural bonds during the lightening service. It is a cutting-edge combination of maleic acid and a specific conditioner that penetrates the hair fiber to provide the protection needed for safe, reliable results and optimal tone control without the need for additives.



Blonderful™ is an entire range dedicated to healthy-looking blonde hair, including professional formulas and products for use at home: Blonderful™ Bleaching Powder comes in two strengths to provide up to 7 or 8 levels of lift, Blonderful™ Bond Defender is used to finalize the in-salon treatment, helping to seal the cuticle and create a protective film on the hair, and Blonderful™ Bond Maintainer is used at home to help protect and preserve the hair’s structural bonds between appointments. The range is complemented with softening and toning products that guarantee sophisticated, balanced blonde shades in minutes.

Blonderful™ allows you to express your creativity in color work without risking the health and beauty of your clients’ hair.

Discover Blonderful™ and the power of PLEXFORCE INSIDE™.