January, 12th 2021



Hair represents at least 80% of the total image and its importance should not be underestimated. That’s why the color techniques most requested by your clients are inspired by balayage, a technique that softens facial features. However, we also live in an era in which customization is key, so don’t be afraid of personalizing the service and adapting the color to suit your client.


With the new Color Excel launch we introduce GLOWLAYAGE, which basically consists of applying blocks of color over any balayage technique. ​Color and shine blend together ​allowing you to customize and highlight areas of the hair in a more interesting way than traditional balayage. ​

There is no denying that techniques such as balayage are key for your business. However, it is time to evolve and give it that extra glow. Inspired by the concept of duality, we have evolved this technique that mixes color blocking and balayage, offering limitless personalization.

For different ways to use the new Color Excel shades and the step-by-step guide on how to obtain the best results, connect to our e-learning platform Revlon Pro Always On.​

Are you ready to try new looks? Go to our PROSHOP site and add the new Color Excel shades to your basket or rediscover the bestsellers and begin to play to transport your daring clients to edgy color heaven.​

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A new vibrant era of abundant creative exchanges has arrived. We find ourselves in a time when so many things need to be reset and redone and our industry is just the place to face this challenge. It’s time for new beginnings and to live with hope, purpose, imagination and vision

As stylists we must continue to search for inspiration that may have an impact on our clients. Shine a spotlight on new ways of doing balayage to ensure your brand stands out, the business flourishes and your clients bloom. Stay business minded to achieve color applications that inspire and define who you are as an artist. We are visual thinkers and we are ready to match modern needs and BLOOM.