January, 12th 2021




Revlon Professional® launches a new seasonal fashion collection inspired in how the Gen Z naturally embraces new codes that have no boundaries, where personal image is part of the quest for self-fulfillment. Boldness is par for the course. Diversity enriches, celebrates, and enhances uniqueness.

Creativity is fluid and omnipresent. In a world full of challenges, lateral thinking is the key to innovating, exploring, stimulating, and promoting an atmosphere in which to shatter the molds of established conventions. Respecting and applauding difference has become vital.

The future is a blank canvas where everything is possible, fluid, fun, and changing.


The surroundings transport us to a world where everything flows, while white symbolizes the presence of all colors. Our starting point is fluidity as a lifestyle. We establish a background of fluid, architectural lines in outdoor settings, conveying broad horizons and personal growth in every area. The collection is as fluid as creativity, as gender, as life itself.

Embrace creativity, versatility and multi-faceted color with shimmering new tone-on-tone shades inspired by sparkling gemstones.

Color Excel Gemstones

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