Revlon Professional LASTING SHAPE™ SMOOTH provides long-lasting smoothing, straightening or volume reduction for curly, wavy or frizzy hair.

2 types of hair smoothing creams according to each client’s hair type. Its creamy texture makes application easy, and provides sufficient weight for the hair to take on a smoother or straighter texture instantly.

1 Neutralizing cream with a pleasant texture that will set the hair into the desired shape to achieve proven, long-lasting results. It provides the final care and conditioning that hair needs after services.

Who is it for?

Stylists that need to change their client’s current shape and texture with long lasting hair straightening cream and hair smoothing cream for curly, wavy or frizzy hair.

Key benefits

Uniform straightness
Reduced volume
Frizz control
Visible shine
Silky touch
Easy combing
Lasting results

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    • - A highly versatile product that allows the stylist to create a wide range of long-lasting effects on hair of any length: reduced frizz, controlled volume, gentle smoothing or even intense straightening
    • - Specifically formulated hair straightening cream with keratin maintains a satisfactory balance between achieving the desired results and the health and integrity of the hair fiber
    • - The proportions of the reducing agents in both strengths are carefully designed to control the reduction of disulfide bonds and avoid an extreme reaction

    A combination of keratin amino acids and conditioning agents that helps to protect hair and reduce breakage.

  • Smoothing Cream: 250ml
    Neutralizing Cream: 850ml
  • Please note that ingredient may vary from time to time. Refer to the ingredient list on the product package for the most updated list.

    -Keratin amino acids
    -Conditioning agents
    -Formulated with ingredients that offer heat protection

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