Wolf Cut Hair Ideas for 2024

March 22, 2023

The edgy, rebellious wolf haircut is here to stay! You may have seen it popping up on social media and even seen a few DIY versions, especially after it became a viral sensation on TikTok back in 2022. However, this much loved and versatile cut is definitely best left to the professionals! It seems that clients agree because they are flocking to their favorite stylists to get the pro finish on this cut, which is a mixture of a shag and a mullet!

So sit back and let us share the many pro’s of the wolf haircut and, better yet, teach you how to style and recreate the new evolution of the wolf cut, the shullet. This look is much more on trend so, with some pro tweaks, you can bring them both to your salon.

Wolf cut hair from Revlon Professional


The wolf haircut is the epitome of cool. It’s also quite versatile and can be created on mid to long hair lengths and every hair texture. What’s not to love about this popular look that’s defined by heavy layers and volume at the crown. The flattering face frame and longer layers in the back give hair that sought after texture that’s undone but in all the right ways! But how do you actually create the wolf cut technique?



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There is no doubt that consultation is key! With that in mind, it’s really important to get to know a client’s hair and make sure that the haircut will work with your client’s unique look. Yes, there are different hair types but ultimately everyone has a length, style, and overall look that they want to achieve. Feel the hair and remember to ask the client if they have inspirational hair photos so you are both on the right track.



Once you have seen and felt your clients hair and checked out a few  inspirational photos together, you can align your visions for the wolf cut look. Make sure you are both on the same page before getting started. 

Now it’s time to find out what the client’s natural hair looks like! The wolf haircut is all about texture, so ask if their hair is naturally curly/wavy/kinky. Better yet, get it wet (with your clients permission of course) and take a look for yourself. Obviously not everyone wears their hair natural but this step is important as shorter layers will often lead to more volume. This step will ensure the look will be easy for your client to maintain. You will also be able to determine if their hair would look better naturally and be able to give your clients some care & styling tips to help them maintain their new look.



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It’s finally time to start the wolf haircut! If the hair is naturally wavy or curly then starting with a dry cut will not only save that time but will also really bring out the natural movement and avoid any unwanted surprises such as removing too much length (we have all been there!) at key points at the base, fringe, or crown.

The key to the perfect wolf cut is to start with the perfect base. That means a freshly blown out mane. Start with washed, towel-dried hair. Prep those strands and protect against the heat of styling tools that go up to 230º with Style Masters™ Lissaver™ – Revlon Professional. This product is made by hairstylists for hairstylists. It is a dual-function product that helps prevent split ends and tames wavy or curly hair. There are lots of different styling products to choose from, depending on if your client prefers to embrace their texture, but you can’t go wrong with Style Masters™ Must-Haves Modular Mousse™. It provides long-lasting hold, exceptional volume, and heat protection.

Up next: that super flattering fringe! To get the volume just right, we recommend a round brush or a roller that’s slightly smaller than your fringe section to add to the fun of this look. You can go with a slightly flipped out end for a Farrah Fawcett vibe, curtain bangs, or add a slight curve under for a more modern, wispy take. Whatever your preference, use the cool button on the hairdryer or simply let it cool for a few seconds to set the style and add a shot of shine.

Use a diffuser to bring out the texture of curly or wavy hair. For a more volumized vibe, grab a bigger round brush and finish with the straighteners on the very ends to emphasize the length and slightly smooth the face framing layers.

Accentuating the bluntness of the edges really showcases the combination of this mullet/shag. Once the hair is dry, it’s time to refine the cut and personalize the look before your client leaves. Don’t forget to ask your client if you can take a photo of your hard work and post it on your socials!

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If you haven’t already mastered the versatile wolf cut then you may not be aware that it has already evolved. The latest version is much softer, and the variance in length isn’t as stark, hence its new moniker, the short mullet, or shullet. Get ready to make 20234’s version more personalized to your client and, for extra trend points, add a bold color to really accentuate the cut. For instance, we love the new #BLOOMING collection’s bold color choices! They use strategically placed color panels or strokes that have been pre-lightened using the #highcontrastbalayage technique through the mids and ends. This creates flashes of color and intensity and can be topped with bright tones that will certainly make the 2022 wolf cut up to date and on trend!

Now that you’ve mastered these tips on how to do the trendy wolf haircut, it’s time to continue expanding your knowledge and expertise! Check out Revlon Professional’s 24/7 e-learning platform, #RevlonProAlwaysOn (for clients only) and don’t forget that you can order all your pro products on our online shop, RevlonProshop.


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