Short Hairstyles for Summer 2022: Beat the Heat in Style!

July 26, 2022

Summer is here! This is the season when many of us get the urge to cut our hair. We want to feel freer, cooler, and at the same time, still have glamour. You will see many avant-garde styles and great classics, which will make you feel that you could strut a catwalk and dazzle with every step you take.

Here we are going to show you some of the best trends, ideas, and tips so that you don’t make a mistake when choosing the short hairstyle that you are going to wear both at the beach and in the city. Ready for a summer change?



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The Most Popular Short Hairstyles

This summer, short haircuts are going to be the must-have of the season. Here are some ideas on how to be comfortable and stylish with this look.

The Buzz Cut 

We’re off to a strong start with this summer’s trends. Shaved or very short hair is all the rage, though this look requires a bit of bravery. If you take the plunge, you will feel liberated and empowered. As a tip, you should shave the sides a number lower than the top so that with growth, you won’t have an awkward amount of volume. This will be a real hair renewal!



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The Bixie

If you wouldn’t dare to shave your head, the bixie (a combination of the pixie cut and the classic bob) is a perfect option and one of the best short hairstyles for this summer. It’s very short and layered to give volume to the upper area and with bangs that can be worn on the side or across the front in the form of a curtain. Sexy and simple at the same time!



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The Short Shag

This is one of the easiest short hairstyles to maintain. It suits any face shape and can be styled simply regardless of your hair type. It’s a short layered look where you leave long strands at the nape of the neck with sideburns and very short strands at the crown and bangs.

The Swept Pixie 

This summer the classic short pixie is taking us back to the nineties. With very short hair at the nape of the neck in a gradient and with the longer bangs swept to one side (to the side that best suits you and that you feel most comfortable with), you will feel light and distinguished at the same time. It’s also advisable to play with color. This short hairstyle looks great with a Balayage touch if you are brunette or with an ash platinum in the bangs if you are blonde.



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How Do You Know if a Short Hairstyle Suits You?

It’s normal that, when it comes to cutting your hair in a short hairstyle, fears and doubts arise. Often, what these styles demand the most is attitude when it comes to wearing them. Half manes and long hair in summer need to be combed and gathered with more diligence, but short hair brings comfort and dynamism.

If your hair is fine, opt for pixie cuts that add body to the style. This is especially recommended for round face shapes. On the other hand, if your hair is thicker, wait, don’t run away! There’s also a short haircut for you! The Bixie cut we talked about is the one for you. By layering your hair, you can control the volume and adapt it to your style.



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All of this can always be enhanced with new, cutting-edge color techniques that elevate your short hair style like the ever-trendy bob cut. So be brave, and don’t let a flattering new haircut slip away this summer!

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