The Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Women in 2022

January 13, 2022

In the past, medium length hairstyles have unfairly been given a less-than-glamorous reputation. For some, medium length hair represents a stepping stone on the journey from a short hairstyle (like a bob or pixie cut) to extra-long, waist length locks. In reality, medium length cuts are a flattering and sophisticated style all on their own—and they’re bound to be trendier than ever in 2022!

Below, we’re taking you through some of the best hairstyles for medium length hair to help you create gorgeous cuts that stand out from the crowd in the new year.



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Trendy Medium Length Hairstyles for Women

When it comes to mastering any of the trendiest middle length styles, it’s all about using your client’s shoulders as a reference point. You’ll want to look at the shape of their neck and collarbones and customize accordingly in order to create an award-worthy middle length look that flatters them effortlessly. To help inspire you, here are some stylish and inspiring middle length hairstyle ideas:

‘90s-Inspired Styles

Bring on the nostalgia! Middle length haircuts are the perfect way to bring back your favorite ‘90s-inspired hairstyles with plenty of layers cut to shoulder height. For an epic return to the ‘90s, don’t be afraid to cut layers as short as possible (for all hair types) to create a layered look that pairs perfectly with that iconic middle part.

Also, be sure to style these fun flashback looks with a hair crimper or curling iron, and apply your Style Masters™ Volume Amplifier Mousse™ to really bring your ‘90s look to life.

The Shag Haircut

The shag haircut is another medium length style that’s going to be taking center stage in 2022. This effortless look embodies a rock ‘n’ roll edge with plenty of texture, choppy ends, and lots of layers around the crown. With so many variations of the shag haircut available, this medium length style can flatter just about any hair length or texture. To keep this cut looking modern and rock star-worthy, avoid cutting too many layers and trim the bangs just right. Try curtain bangs for an extra-trendy look!

And remember: This style works best when it’s worn tousled and wild! It should feature plenty of body and a soft texture, so getting your styling products right is essential for nailing the shag haircut. We recommend using a long-lasting, volumizing hair mousse like Style Masters™  Must-Haves Modular Mousse™ for the perfect amount of heat protection, volume, hold, and texture.



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Medium Length Hairstyles for Curly or Wavy Hair

If your clients love to wear their hair wavy or curly, a medium length haircut is always an excellent go-to option. Whether naturally curly or styled with a curling iron, medium length haircuts can really highlight curls and add an ultra-modern touch. Below are a few of our top recommendations for how to bring the beauty of your client’s wavy or curly hair to life:

The Side Cut

The side cut hairstyle is another popular choice to consider for medium length hair in 2022. To achieve this variation of the slightly asymmetrical cut known as the side cut, you will need to create more volume towards the opposite side of your part. This will create the appearance of hair that is slightly shorter on one side of the head, resulting in a sophisticated medium length style.

Don’t forget to add some definition to those beautiful waves or curls to really highlight this style and make this effect even more pronounced. Try using Style Masters™  Curly Orbital™ to help moisturize the hair and create defined, flexible curls that are free-moving and lightweight, with natural volume and shine.

The Long Bob

One hairstyle that never fails to flatter medium length hair is the long bob. To master this look for your clients, cut the back of the hair to the nape, bringing the length towards the collarbones. Additionally, adding some curls will do wonders for this style, by creating gorgeous volume and a very classy final look. To finish, style your long bob using Style Masters™ Curly Fanaticurls™ for maximum control and hold.

For a twist on the classic long bob, try lightening it up using a gorgeous balayage technique, or give this cut a choppy feel by adding lots of layers (instead of cutting the hair all to one length).


Medium Length Hairstyles for Straight Hair

For your clients with naturally straight hair or those who adore polished, sleek styles, medium length looks are not to be missed! Here are some of our top recommendations for the best medium length styles for straight hair below.

Straight and Super Sleek Styles

Medium length hairstyles really shine with super sleek and straight styles. To achieve this look in 2022, begin by marking out the part that will best suit your client’s face shape and desired look. Next, you’ll want to cut the hair straight across (with the help of clippers, if preferred, to help make it look very sharp). Style using your favorite smoothing products for straight hair, like Style Masters™ Smooth Iron Guard™, and you have a stunning straight look for the new year!


Layered and Feathered Styles

If you’re looking to add volume to naturally straight hair, try cutting a few layers for a more retro look. With the help of products like Style Masters™Double or Nothing Lissaver™, you’ll be able to easily control ultra-layered and feathered medium length styles and create a beautiful, silky, and smooth finish.

Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs

To finish our list of the trendiest medium length hairstyles for women in 2022, let’s not forget about bangs! A medium length look with bangs is perfect for your clients who are looking for a change in the new year. The perfect bangs can be customized to fit any personality or hair type, with plenty of variations to match even the trendiest styles.

And, when you’re ready to consider some fresh new color options, you can even try a bright blonde or ombré finish to create a stunning, eye-catching look your clients will love. To keep your beautifully-cut new bangs (and entire look) in place, you’ll want to use a quick-drying, strong hold hairspray like our Style Masters™ Must-Haves Photo Finisher™.



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With so many on-trend hairstyles coming back to reign in 2022, we hope this list has helped inspire you to create gorgeous medium length cuts in the new year! To learn more about the trendiest cuts for women, don’t forget to read our list of the best hairstyles for long hair in 2022.